Saturday 18 June 2016

Is this Thomas Mair at a Britain First protest?

Britain First and their followers reacted furiously to mainstream media reports that multiple eyewitnesses had heard Thomas Mair yelling "Britain First" as he was attacking the Labour MP Jo Cox.

Before it was even announced that Jo Cox had died, the Britain First Facebook page and website were flooded with denials that they had any connections with the killer. They worked extremely hard to create the propaganda narrative that only one witness had claimed to have heard Mair yelling "Britain First" (when in reality there were many witnesses). They then focused on discrediting their chosen witness as "a lying Muslim with an agenda" and lambasting the mainstream media for the unacceptable crime of ... erm ... of reporting eyewitness accounts of a major breaking news story. Their followers then unquestioningly rote learned this "single Muslim witness + corrupt media = persecution" propaganda narrative and mindlessly regurgitated it all over the Internet.

Had the murder suspect been a mentally unstable Muslim shouting "Allahu Akbar" we can be absolutely sure that Britain First wouldn't have been so keen to paint him as a "lone wolf" killer, work tirelessly to discredit eyewitness accounts of what was being shouted and furiously attack the mainstream media for reporting what multiple witnesses claim to have heard.

Instead of focusing their entire effort on distancing themselves from the alleged killer and trying to discredit eyewitness accounts, perhaps it might have been better for the Britain First leadership to begin an investigation into whether Thomas Mair actually had any connections with their organisation before going into full-bore denial mode?

One place they could have started was their own website. The photograph above is from an article on the Britain First website celebrating the activities of their "Northern Division" in Dewsbury (just a few miles from Mair's home in Birstall). This is the link, but Internet illiterates often try to delete incriminating things from the Internet, so here's a copy saved on the Wayback Machine.

It's already clear that Thomas Mair had links to extreme-right white supremacist organisations. He was involved with the South African pro-Apartheid Springbok Club, searches at his house uncovered fascist books and Nazi regalia, and he purchased his "build your own gun" manual from a US based Neo-Nazi organisation. I'm not a photo recognition expert, but the guy in the picture does bear a strong resemblance to Thomas Mair, so it looks like Britain First need to do two things as a matter of urgency.

1. Confirm the identity of the man in the photograph that was published on their own website.

2. Regardless of whether the man in the photo is Thomas Mair or not, conduct an immediate investigation into whether Mair was involved with the Britain First "Northern Division" or had any other connections to their organisation, and present their findings to the murder investigation.
If it turns out that Mair does have any connections to Britain First (if it is him in the photograph for example, or there are any other connections), then any attempts by them to hide or destroy that evidence would surely constitute evidence tampering in a murder investigation, which is a big step up from their normal level of criminality (scamming donations out of gullible people using animal cruelty shock tactics, invading mosques, ripping off the British Legion red poppy symbol to hawk their own products and harassment).

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