Tuesday 28 June 2016

If you want a real anti-establishment rebellion ...

An awful lot of people voted for Brexit because they're furious with the political status quo

They're furious that the political establishment has ignored their wishes for so many years.

They're furious that their communities have been left to ruin whilst a tiny cabal of tax-dodging corporate fat cats, bankers, inherited wealth aristocrats and career politicians have run the whole show entirely in their own interests, making themselves even more filthy rich while the rest of us have been made to carry the burden of ideological austerity.

When given a rare chance to fight back, people voted in their millions to give David Cameron and the Westminster establishment a slap in the face that they thoroughly deserved, and that they simply couldn't ignore.

Like Jeremy Corbyn, I argued that quitting the EU with no plan of action for what comes next would be a massive act of economic self-harm, but I fully understand the anger that drove people to vote for Brexit. My blog isn't called "Another Angry Voice" because I'm satisfied with the way the Westminster political class rule over us as if we've got a duty to obey them, rather than them having a duty to obey the people who damned well elected them. 

I'm as furious as you are/should be.

In my view Brexit was a false revolution. People voted for it because they were angry as hell and they were finally given a chance to vote on something that might actually make a bit of difference. The problem of course was that the leaders of the Brexit revolution were a bunch of establishment insiders too: Boris Johnson (Eton, Oxford, Murdoch press, Tory party), Iain Duncan Smith (butcher in chief at the DWP for six torturously long years for the most vulnerable people in our society) Nigel Farage (Ex-commodities trader and Tory party activist and hardcore Thatcherite) and Michael Gove (the guy who gave away thousands of publicly owned schools, for free, to a bunch of unaccountable private entities, many of them operated by major Tory party donors).

Ever since 1979 the UK government has been run by people who believe that the market comes first. People who understand the price of everything and the value of nothing. There were undeniably establishment insiders like that on both sides of the Brexit debate.

Jeremy Corbyn is different. Alongside Charles Kennedy he was one of the only voices of reason within the political system who argued against the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The political establishment ignored him, the Blairite MPs and the Tories joined forces to support the invasion, and the result was a catastrophe. The Syrian refugee crisis didn't happen in isolation, it happened because our so-called leaders decided to create a complete power vacuum in Iraq where a bunch of savage Islamist fanatics thrived, eventually resulting in the rise of ISIS.

Jeremy Corbyn has talked sense about austerity too. The idea of "cutting our way to growth" is an economically illiterate collective delusion. Look what it's done to Greece and Spain. Look what it's done to our own damned communities over the last six years. Look at David Cameron's own local council pleading with him to have mercy and stop the savage cuts that have meant stripping all their local government services down to the bones, even in leafy Tory areas like Oxfordshire. If it's intolerably bad there, just imagine how bad it is in working class areas where the Tories have deliberately targeted their most severe local government cuts.

Jeremy Corbyn talked sense about the EU referendum too. He didn't engage in the Doomsday fearmongering rhetoric of the Tory remain camp, and he didn't tell a load of blatant lies or promote naive wishful thinking or make fascistic appeals to anti-intellectualism like the appalling Vote Leave mob. 

Jeremy Corbyn was one of the only ones who spoke to the public as if we're adults. He didn't speak in simplistic black and white terms, because things are never black and white. He admitted the EU has big problems, because to say otherwise would have been an outright lie. He said that on the balance of things staying in the EU and trying to improve it from the inside was probably a better idea than bailing out with no actual plan for what comes next.

Agree with him or not, he was one of the only ones who spoke to the public as if we're adults, rather than simple-minded idiots who can be swayed one way or another with fearmongering threats or by a load of spectacularly unrealistic spending pledges.

The Westminster establishment cabal hate Corbyn with a passion. Have you ever actually thought about why they constantly repeat the mantra that he's "unelectable"?

It's not because he actually is unelectable. It's because they don't want him elected as the political leader of the nation, because they know that he would give the Westminster establishment cabal the biggest shake-up in decades, if not ever.

Jeremy Corbyn has stated time and again that he wants to listen to the people, to make British politics more democratic, and to force British politicians to be more accountable to the people who actually elected them. But you rarely actually ever hear him saying it, because the corporate mainstream media simply don't report it when he says stuff like that.

The mainstream media don't report it because the foreign domiciled billionaire sociopaths who own the majority of our media outlets are used to British politicians doing what they tell them to. They like it that way. They want to keep it that way. They don't want pesky people with actual principles messing things up for them.

Ask yourself why in the wake of Brexit a load of Labour MPs decided to inflict such harm on their party by attacking their own leader instead of speaking with a united voice to condemn David Cameron's reckless gamble with the entire future of the UK, just to score himself a little bit of short-term political advantage at the 2015 General Election.

The answer is obvious. They chose to condemn Corbyn (their own leader) instead of Cameron (the guy they are supposed to oppose) because they're actually far closer ideologically to the Tories than they are to Jeremy Corbyn and the overwhelming majority of Labour Party supporters.

The Tories, the orange book Liberal Democrats (who colluded with the Tories for five long years) and the right-wing Blairite MPs are all cut from exactly the same ideological cloth. Voting for any of them is so obviously voting for "more of the same" it seems patronising to even have to point it out.

Voting for UKIP is even worse. They're a Tory Trojan Horse party that is led by a guy who claims to be "keeping the flame of Thatcherism alive". How any working class person could ever bring themselves to vote for a hardcore Thatcherite like Farage is utterly beyond me. Thatcherism destroyed your communities and handed ever more power to a bunch of reckless bankers who ended up completely trashing the economy back in 2007-08, only for them to be rescued by the Westminster establishment with bailouts paid out at the taxpayers' expense, which amounted to by far the biggest state subsidies in history (thus negating the central anti-state mantra of Thatcherism). 

Thatcherites aren't your friend. They're your enemy.

If the Labour MPs who value their lifetime ticket to the Westminster establishment club above the interests of the Labour Party, or the people who support it end up purging Jeremy Corbyn, the game is up. Whenever Cameron decides to call the next General Election the UK electorate will be left with a choice between severe Thatcherism (the Tories) hardcore-Thatcherism (UKIP) the guys who enabled severe Thatcherism to come back again (the Lib-Dems) and Thatcherism with red ties on (New Labour reborn).

Corbyn is the only true anti-establishment candidate, and that's why the Westminster cabal (which includes at least half of the members of his own party) so desperately want rid of him.

That's why the mainstream media (including the supposedly liberal and left-wing guardian and BBC) have attacked him relentlessly since well before he even became party leader.

Just think about it: If there was a guy who could lead an anti-establishment rebellion to hand power back to ordinary people, would the Westminster establishment cabal and the mainstream press tell you that he's a good guy and carefully explain his actual policies to you? Or would they be absolutely relentless in their attacks against him?

When they tell you that Corbyn would be a disaster, just think for a moment about who they are. They're a bunch of self-interested self-serving career politicians and hacks who work for savagely right-wing billionaire press barons who don't even pay tax in the UK like Rupert Murdoch and Jonathan Harmsworth. These people are the establishment forces who rule over your life with an iron fist. They don't give a shit about you. They're saying that Corbyn would be a disaster, not because he would be a disaster for you, but because he would be a disaster for them.

What you can do:

Join the Labour Party here (or when the time comes register as a supporter for just £3) so that you can vote in the leadership election that the Blairites are trying to force and help to prevent the Westminster cabal from throwing out one of the last decent men left in British politics.

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