Friday, 24 June 2016

Brexit: Blame Jeremy Corbyn

There was always going to be a lot of uncertainty if Brexit happened, but some things were easily predictable:

The stock market chaos, the plummeting value of the Pound
, David Cameron's situation becoming completely untenable after staking the entire UK economy on a bet and losing it, and the ecstatic reaction of the hatemongering extreme-right in Britain and across the rest of Europe too.

All of those things were predictable, and widely considered to be inevitable, but the one thing that was even more inevitable than all of that was that Blarite faction of the Labour Party would opportunistically use the crisis to launch a coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn's campaign

In my view Corbyn was not to blame for the result. He ran an honest fact based campaign. His nuanced views on the EU chimed with me, and with an awful lot of other people too. He didn't lie that the EU is perfect, because everyone knows it's not. He said that we should stay and work to make it better rather than just run away. He didn't engage in the kinds of threats and fearmongering used by the likes of George Osborne and David Cameron. He attempted to win people over with reason.

Perhaps that approach was politically naive, because in modern UK realpolitik, honesty has clearly become an incredibly poor debating tactic. However nobody can accuse him of lying or fearmongering, which surely still counts for something, even though he wasn't on the winning side of the debate.

The blame game

It's understandable that a lot of people within the Labour Party are distraught that the public have voted to bail out of Europe and enabled a hard-right Tory rampage through the national economy, legal system, trade relations and constitution.

They are distraught and they have the right to be angry, but Jeremy Corbyn clearly isn't the rational target for their anger. The rational target is the people within the Labour Party who were clearly and undeniably shilling for the hard-right of the Tory party.

By now people who are familiar with my work will know that that's not the kind of accusation I throw around glibly, or without evidence to back it up.

The Electoral Commission evidence is absolutely clear that the Labour Leave movement took all of their major donations from right-wingers like major Tory party donors, the Tory fronted Vote Leave campaign and one of the top dogs at the extremely right-wing Taxpayers Alliance lobby group.

It's extraordinary that the Blairites would seek to heap the blame on Jeremy Corbyn when there are people within The Labour Party who were undeniably working as paid shills for the Tories.

It's extraordinary that they would seek to blame Corbyn, rather than the Tory shills within the party, but then it's clear enough that they don't actually give a damn about who was to blame for the result. They don't that people within the Labour Party took a load of cash from a bunch of hard-right Tory fanatics and used it to undermine the Labour Party case for continued membership of the EU. They don't care because they're just seeking an excuse to stick a knife into Jeremy Corbyn.

They don't care about the Tory shills within the Labour Party is that in reality the right-wing faction of the Labour Party are ideologically a hell of lot closer to the kind of hard-right Tories who funded Labour Leave than they are to Jeremy Corbyn and the vast majority of the Labour Party membership.

Labour civil war

An attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn would clearly weaken the Labour Party just at the moment when the country needs them to be stronger than ever in order to fight back against the inevitable Tory ideological rampage.

The only conceivable outcome of such an opportunistic coup is a split in the Labour Party.

There is no way that the Blairites will be able to re-usurp the Labour Party against the will of the membership. A new leadership contest would clearly be seen as an attempted right-wing takeover of the party and be rejected by the party membership. Corbyn could even find himself re-elected as Labour leader with an even bigger mandate than before, which would surely see the right-wing Blairite lot split off to form a 21st Century SDP, weakening the Labour Party just when it needs to be strong.


The post-Brexit attempted Blairite coup against Jeremy Corbyn was always going to happen. The right-wing of the Labour Party have been waiting for an opportunity like this since the day Corbyn was elected leader.

If the public would have voted Remain, the Blairites would have found another reason as soon as possible anyway. They have absolutely no interest in figuring out who the actual villains within the Labour Party are, and neither do they care that their coup would tear the Labour Party to pieces just when the country needs it to be unified more than ever before.

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