Thursday 23 June 2016

The Tories would use Brexit as an excuse for even more austerity

A lot of people have claimed that it's impossible to know what will happen after Brexit, but that's not quite right. For sure it's impossible to predict absolutely everything that will happen, but some things are certain (like the fact the UK legal system would need a root and branch review to disentangle it from EU law for example).

Both factions of the Tory party have clearly stated that they will use Brexit as an excuse to impose even more of their socially and economically destructive austerity ideology.

The pro-Remain Chancellor George Osborne has promised a "punishment budget" full of more austerity measures should the public dare to defy him and vote for Brexit.

Meanwhile the pro-Leave Tory MP (and former butcher-in-chief at the DWP) Iain Duncan Smith has said that even more savage Tory austerity is "a price worth paying" for Brexit - which is easy for him to say, because he clearly won't be the one paying that price.

The burden of Tory austerity is never loaded onto wealthy Tory MPs who live on plush country estates gifted to them by their in-laws. The burden of Tory austerity is always loaded onto people like the sick and disabled, children, people who rely on local government services, the young and the working poor.

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