Tuesday 21 June 2016

Boris Johnson's logical bind

In an LBC interview the figurehead of the Vote Leave campaign Boris Johnson has claimed that it's well known that there's "an operation in Downing Street" to bribe and blackmail business leaders into supporting Remain. He went on to detail claims that the Tory government have been using the honours system as a carrot and threats of no more government contracts as a stick.

It doesn't matter whether you're a Leave supporter or a Remain one, Boris Johnson's claims of such high level corruption in the Tory party provide absolute proof that he himself is corrupt.

There are two options:

Johnson is either lying about this Downing Street operation to blackmail and bribe businesses into supporting Remain, which means he's prepared to spread fantastical conspiracy theories about the leadership of his own political party in order to serve his own personal interests. 

Or he's not lying and he's openly admitted to being a member of an exceptionally corrupt political party, but rather than leave the party in disgust, he's staying in the Tory party, and even backing David Cameron (the man he accuses of this appalling corruption) to stay on as Tory party leader even if the Brexit campaign is sucessful!

Whichever way you look at it, Boris Johnson has put himself in a logical bind where the only possible conclusion to be drawn is that Boris Johnson supports corruption.

Either he's prepared to corruptly feed the public a bunch of fantastical lies in order to promote his personal agenda, or he's willing to turn a blind eye to the most shocking levels of corruption at the very top of the Tory party and even back the man he accuses of this corruption to remain at Tory party leader and Prime Minister.

The logical bind Boris Johnson has put himself in leaves us with the obvious question of why we should ever believe a word he says about anything if his own words act as an open admission that he supports corruption.

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