Monday 10 December 2018

Theresa May is still shamelessly and selfishly clinging onto power

It's one historic humiliation after another for Theresa May, but she just keeps clinging onto power.

Last week it was having her government become the first in history to be found in contempt of parliament over their efforts to hide the legal advice they received on her Brexit proposals.

Today it's the postponement of the meaningful vote on her Brexit proposals purely because she wants to avoid the humiliation of losing it.

Make no mistake, the meaningful vote was set be one of the most significant parliamentary votes of the Century given that the outcome defines our entire future relationship with our European neighbours.

She's not just bottled any old parliamentary vote because she's afraid of losing it (which would be a humiliation in its own right), she's bottled the single most important parliamentary vote of her entire tenure as Prime Minister!

The self-serving cowardice of it is absolutely extraordinary. Her government spent the last few weeks talking up the importance of the vote and fear-mongering terrible outcomes if she doesn't get her way (cynically threatening a ruinous "no deal" Brexit to Brexit-sceptics, and a "no Brexit" scenario to the Brexiteers), but when it came to the crunch she just shifted the goalposts to some unspecified date in the future, solely to avoid defeat.

The fact that she's cynically moved the date of the vote at the last minute for her own personal advantage just proves what a ruthlessly self-serving and manipulative charlatan she is.

Let's be clear. She's not delayed the vote for any reason other than her own self-interest.

She knew that if she lost the vote she'd have been left with no choice but to step down and let someone else have a go at fixing the Brexit chaos David Cameron lumbered us with when he decided to gamble the entire future of the nation in order to grub a few thousand votes off UKIP at the 2015 General Election, but she desperately wants to cling onto power for as long as possible.

It's clearly in the national interest to get the vote out of the way, clear Theresa May's lamentable proposals off the table, and do it in good time for someone else to have a go at figuring out how to deal with this absolute Tory chaos before the Article 50 notification expires on March 29th.

The European Court of Justice ruling says that the UK can unilaterally withdraw Article 50 without fear of retribution from the EU, and anyone claiming that the EU wouldn't allow an Article 50 extension to renegotiate once Theresa May and her bad faith threat-based negotiating tactics are out of the way is talking absolute rubbish too.

But Theresa May insists on defying the national interest by shamelessly clinging onto power for as long as she can get away with.

The really sad thing is that this kind of self-serving chaos was always inevitable with an incompetent wannabe-tyrant like Theresa May running the show. Yet when she presented the nation with a fantastic opportunity to get rid of her with her 2017 hubris election, 13.7 million people flocked to the polls to give her the biggest Tory turnout since John Major's 14 million in 1992!

And as a consequence we all have to sit here and watch her shamelessly clinging onto power for as long as possible when everyone (Remainers, Brexiters and everyone in between) can see that it's clearly now in the national interest for her to put her own self-interest aside, let her shambolic and astoundingly unpopular Brexit plan fail, and let someone more capable have a go at tidying up this outrageous Tory Brexit mess.

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