Saturday 8 December 2018

How has Britain has become so normalised to Tory lawlessness and contempt for democracy?

To get a measure of how utterly normalised we've become to Tory lawlessness, just consider the fact that they became the first government in UK history to be held in contempt of parliament for deliberately refusing to comply with a parliamentary vote to release the legal advice they received on Brexit, and it's already been forgotten about within days.

This is always the case. Tory lawlessness and contempt for democracy always gets swept under the carpet and forgotten about.
  • Remember when Theresa May and the Tories were defeated in the Supreme Court over their efforts to completely sideline parliament in order to make democratic opposition to Theresa May's hard-right Brexit scheming impossible? 
  • Remember when the Tories absolutely gutted Legal Aid in order to price poor and ordinary people out of the justice system and make it almost impossible for the victims of their malicious and unjust welfare policies to seek justice in the courts?
This is a government riddled with contempt for parliamentary democracy and contempt towards the rule of law, yet they're barely ever held to account for it by the mainstream media. And on the rare occasions that the public do actually hear about these extraordinary scandals, the tendency is to shrug it all off as if lawlessness, corruption and contempt for democracy are normal and unavoidable, rather than outrageous and unacceptable.

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1 comment:

redhairkid said...

Draconian isn't the word, Thomas. The Tories are as bad as any North Korean dictator. I know only too well how this 'fit for work' bullshit operates. I have agoraphobia and Asperger's Syndrome and cannot use public transport yet I have been declared fit for work. The report on me stated that I could go out alone and could deal with people I don't know which is a pile of crap. I've already won one tribunal and am ready to face another should my Mandatory Reconsideration fail.
Britain a democracy? If Britain is a democracy then I'm a park bench!