Saturday, 15 December 2018

Is ambulance-blocking the most depraved Brextremist tactic yet?

Surely we all already know that the Leave.EU campaign are a truly despicable mob?

They used a flood of xenophobia, anti-immigrant fearmongering, and outright lies to push the Brexit vote just over the line in 2016, and then ever since then they've been used as Arron Banks' personal propaganda campaign to promote his businesses, abuse journalists who investigate his finances, and promote plots to usurp the Tory party and drive it even further towards the extreme-right political fringe by flooding it with Brextremist ultranationalist entryists.

But their latest stunt has to be their most despicable yet.

On Friday 14th December 2018 a small group of Brextremists blocked Westminster Bridge to protest in favour of a ruinous "no deal" meltdown.

They could have chosen to upload a video clip of any moment of their protest to their Leave.EU propaganda account, so it's absolutely telling that they chose to upload a 50 second clip of the protest blocking a paramedic emergency response vehicle from attending an emergency . Even more disturbing is the caption on the Tweet which reads "this is what happens when the establishment ignores the will of the people".

There's absolutely no mistaking what they're threatening. If they don't get the ruinous hard-right "no deal" chaos they're craving there's no depth to the depravity of the actions they're going to take in retribution.

If they're willing to block a rapid response paramedic from attending an emergency and then actually gloat about it on Twitter, they're sending a message that that people will die if they don't get the extreme Brexit they want.

Aside from the fact they blocked a paramedic and then gloated about it on Twitter, there's also the fact that they've hijacked the yellow vest idea of the French gilets jaunes protest.

What makes this theft so despicable is that the gilets jaunes in France is a popular uprising against collapsing living standards that commands the support of the overwhelming majority of French people.

This bunch of Brextremists who have hijacked the yellow vest look are the polar opposite.

They're protesting in favour of a "no deal" socio-economic catastrophe that would cause an appalling collapse in UK living standards, and their extremist interpretation of the 2016 Brexit vote is only supported by a minority of the British public.

And of the minority of Brits who actively want Theresa May to follow through on her threat to trash the UK economy with a "no deal" Tory economic meltdown, I suspect only an even smaller minority of them would be extreme enough to support this strategy of blocking ambulances and gloating about it on Twitter to achieve it.

Of course not all of the 17.4 million of Brits who voted Leave in 2016 are vile extreme-right nasties like the Brextremist ambulance-blockers yesterday, but it's impossible to deny that whatever anyone's reasons for voting for Brexit, they were unconcerned about aligning themselves with fascists, racists, xenophobes and liars when they did it.

And even if people actually crave the chaos and suffering of a "no deal" economic crisis, any Leave voter with any sense of human decency whatever should be just as outraged about this Brextremist ambulance-blocking tactic as the rest of us.

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