Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The absolute brass neck on her

There's not much to admire about Theresa May, but aside from the cowardice, the dishonesty, the autocratic tendencies, the incompetence, the callous disregard for the suffering of people she considers to be below her in the social pecking order, and the selfish instinct to keep defying the national interest by shamelessly clinging onto power for as long as she possibly can, she does have an absolutely extraordinary brass neck.

When Jeremy Corbyn confronted her at Prime Ministers' Questions about her unbelievably cowardly decision to postpone the parliamentary Brexit vote purely because she knew she was going to lose it, her retort was to spew rhetoric about how Labour in government would "cause chaos".

This feeble reversion to her "strong and stable" Tories against "weak and chaotic" Labour trope would have been ridiculous enough any time since she wilfully threw away her parliamentary majority in her vanity election last year (rendering herself an ideological hostage of the DUP sectarians in the process), but an accusation like this in this unbelievably chaotic week of all weeks is just dripping with absurdity.

It's just 9 days since Theresa May's government became the first in all of history to be held in contempt of parliament for their defiance of a democratic vote to stop hiding the legal advice they received on her lamentable Brexit deal.

On the same day as making parliamentary history as the most contemptuous UK government of all time, she lost a further two votes in parliament, bringing her total to 16 defeats since she took over in 2016. To put that in perspective the grand total of parliamentary defeats racked up by her three predecessors combined over the space of 19 years is 16 (Blair 3, Brown 4, Cameron 9).

And then just two days ago she totally humiliated Britain on the world stage and showed utter contempt for parliamentary democracy by pulling the meaningful vote on Brexit just so she could keep shamelessly clinging onto power.

And then on the very morning of her accusation that Labour would "create chaos" if they were in power, her own damned MPs turned on her by registering enough letters of dissent to provoke an internal vote of confidence to decide whether to keep her or replace her with a Brextremist fanatic to make things even worse than they've already made them!

Then there's the background details. The fact that it was the Tory party who created this entire mess in the beginning by calling a Brexit referendum just to nick a few thousand ukipper votes.

It was the Tories who annihilated the public services and the living standards of millions through their ideological fixation with ruinous austerity dogma, and their deliberate policy of repressing British workers' wages under the crackpot economically illiterate delusion that the poorer the workers, the richer the bosses.It's the Tories who have twice been condemned by the United Nations for their despicable treatment of disabled people and the poor.

Then it was Tories like Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Give, and Priti Patel who aligned with the extreme-right Faragists to blame the devastating consequences of their own malicious economic policies on immigrants and the EU in order to divide Britain and push the Brexit vote marginally over the line.

The maliciousness and incompetence of the UK government is unprecedented. The rot began under David Cameron's dreadful tenure, but it's degenerated dramatically since Theresa May took over, to the point that her Brexit deal only survived it's inevitable death through an unprecedented act of government cowardice, a government which itself is on the brink of collapse (whether they decide to keep her or not).

And then she has the absolute brass neck to stand there in front of the nation and fear-monger that the opposition would "cause chaos"!

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