Saturday 7 January 2017

Isn't it about time for Tory voters to admit their culpability?

The NHS is in such serious chaos in England and Wales that the Red Cross have described it as a "humanitarian crisis". It's absolutely clear that the Tories are to blame for creating this appalling situation where hospitals are so overcrowded that people are actually dying. 

The crisis in the NHS has been caused by two vast waves of Tory cuts. £20 billion between 2010 and 2015 and another £22 billion in the current parliament. Additionally the health service is straining under the consequences of privatisation with rip-off PFI hospitals draining cash out of the system and David Cameron's top-down disorganisation wreaking havoc too. The enormous strain on services has also been exacerbated by the Tory defunding of social care, meaning that elderly people are turning up at hospitals because they've got nowhere else to go.

Despite the growing demand for NHS services that comes of having an ageing population and a social care system that is in ruins, the Tories have actually set in motion a vast programme of cuts that will see A&E wards closed all over the country and thousands more hospital beds scrapped.

The UK already spends far less per head of population on health provision than comparable developed economies like Germany, France, Australia and the Netherlands. We've got far fewer doctors, and way fewer hospital beds per head of population too, but the Tories are intent on making things even worse with their savage programme of cuts.

The Tories are deliberately wrecking the NHS and we told you Tory voters that that's exactly what they would do..

We told you that the Tories hate the very concept of socialised medicine with a burning ideological passion and can't be trusted with the NHS.

We told you that they'd use their deliberate defund, disorganise and demoralise tactics to inflict as much damage as possible whilst giving away the profitable bits to their private health mates.

We told you that the current health secretary Jeremy Hunt actually co-authored a book calling for the NHS to be scrapped.

We told you, but you wouldn't listen.

We told you, but you accused us of scaremongering.

We told you, but you said that the NHS had survived five years under Cameron's watch, so it would obviously survive indefinitely.

It's about time that you Tory voters admitted to yourselves, and to the rest of us, that you were wrong to entrust the NHS to the Tories for another five years of ideological devastation.

It's about time you admit that it's because of people like you that the NHS is in the state that it is, and that it's getting worse. Either that, or admit that you think the ruination of the NHS is "a price worth paying" for whatever benefit it is that you think you're getting from having Tories in charge of the nation.

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