Sunday 22 January 2017

How many plebs is Theresa May willing to kill?

If it wasn't already clear how genocidally insane Theresa May was being when she bragged about her willingness to incinerate 100,000 innocent men, women and children in a nuclear fireball last year, it's even clearer now.

It turns out that the Tory government knew that a Trident missile had flown off in the wrong direction just weeks before the vote, but they hastily covered it up in order to make sure the parliamentary debate to write a blank cheque for Trident renewal was won.

Seeing as it's now clear that the Tories knew that our nuclear missile delivery system is prone to flying off towards the people it's supposed to be defending, it seems that Theresa May was actually expressing her willingness to incinerate 100,000 British men, women and children in a catastrophic nuclear missile malfunction, just as long as the (mainly American) arms companies that run our "independent" nuclear deterrent get to gorge on the £205 billion+ it's going to cost us.

Even if you think it's a bit of a stretch to say that the extraordinary cover up of the malfunctioning missile indicates that Theresa May is willing to incinerate British people with nuclear weapons, it's still absolutely undeniable that she's willing to see an awful lot of British people die in order to cover the obscene cost of renewing our stockpile of Doomsday Machines.

People are dying in hospital corridors because of Tory cuts to the NHS, and yet they're still ruthlessly slashing NHS services while demand keeps going up. The Tory policy of deliberately under-funding the NHS and social care is undeniably costing lives.

Just a fraction of the obscene amounts Theresa May wants to squander on Trident would save thousands of lives if it was spent on the NHS and social care. But the lives of ordinary plebs just don't matter to Theresa May and her ilk. Whether it's the innocent foreign plebs she openly admitted that she would incinerate in a nuclear weapons crime against humanity, or the British plebs dying in hospital corridors to pay for her Weapons of Mass Destruction vanity project, she just doesn't give a damn. They're just the "lower orders" after all, meaning their lives are just as disposable as the cannon fodder who were marched to their deaths during the First World War.

As long as Theresa May gets to secure a vast windfall of public cash for her arms company mates then it doesn't matter how many plebs have to suffer and die to cover the cost of it.

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