Thursday 19 January 2017

The Orwellian world of the gutter press

Theresa May's Brexit speech confirmed the suspicion that after six tedious months of waiting for a Tory Brexit negotiating strategy, the best they could actually come up with was the ridiculous threat that they'll turn Britain into a vast bargain basement corporate tax haven if the EU don't cave into their demands for preferential treatment just for sectors of the UK economy with sufficient financial clout to bribe/coerce the Tories into actually representing their interests (the financial sector and the vehicle manufacturing sector were specifically named in the speech).

The European reaction to this display of Tory foot-stamping was unenthusiastic to say the least. 
El PaĆ­s in Spain furiously described Theresa May's speech as promoting "shameful xenophobic nationalism", while the German paper Die Welt took the more light-hearted approach of ridiculing her posturing as representing "Little Britain". 
The EU's lead negotiator Guy Verhofstadt pointed out that
the British public would actually be the ones to suffer if the Tories follow through on their threat to turn the UK into a huge corporate tax haven, eradicating the vestiges of the social security system to pay for it.

He also pointed out that making preemptive threats before the negotiations have even officially begun is a
"counterproductive negotiating tactic".

Boris Johnson (who Theresa May somehow saw fit to appoint as Britain's top diplomat!) was obviously perturbed at the icy continental reaction to Theresa May's threat-based negotiating strategy, so he blabbered out another one of his utterly tasteless Nazi analogies, because apparently if you can't win people over to your way of thinking with ridiculous threats, the next step is to sling insults at them!

It really is like having a team of stroppy six year olds in charge of negotiating our nation's future relationship with our 27 former European allies.
Instead of actually pointing out any of the dishonesty, delusions or downright contradictory rubbish, the mainstream media fawned all over Theresa May's woeful Brexit speech, but after seeing the public failing to join in their universal acclaim for such a transparently woeful speech the gutter press actually stepped up their already utterly ludicrous rhetoric the next day.

The Express ran a front page whining that the EU are a load of bullies, and the S*n even attempted to con their readers into believing that Theresa May's "give our major corporations special favours or we'll turn ourselves into a corporate tax haven" threats are a plan to "rip up the privileges of the elite"!

What an Orwellian world readers of the right-wing gutter press must inhabit if they're gullible enough to actually believe that the ones making threats and lobbing insults are the poor down-trodden victims of bullying, and an absurd "give us our ridiculous corporate wishlist or we're becoming a tax haven" negotiating stance from Theresa May (the leader of the party of wealth and privilege don't forget) is an anti-establishment revolution to be celebrated and supported by the poor and ordinary!

The bullies are the victims and the party of the establishment are the anti-establishment revolution!

Millions of people actually read these utterly ridiculous right-wing propaganda rags.

Millions of people!

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