Wednesday 18 January 2017

Woman in clown costume issues ridiculous ultimatum

I don't usually write tabloid style headlines for my articles, but given the extraordinary state of the mainstream media front pages this morning I feel more than justified in making an exception for today.

It's not just the usual offenders spewing right-wing jingoistic nonsense either, because the supposedly left-wing Mirror even got in on this "tough-talking Theresa socking it to the Europeans" gibberish. 

Just take a look at the state of the delusional jingoistic drivel that millions of people will see on newspaper stands all over the country, and all over Europe too.

Theresa May's long-awaited Brexit speech would have been woeful enough under ordinary circumstances, full of dishonestydelusion and blatantly self-contradictory nonsense as it was, but given the fact that it's apparently taken the Tories six months of scheming to come up with this vacuous drivel, it should have been universally lambasted. 

Instead of being pelted with rotten tomatoes Theresa May is actually being lauded by the mainstream media as if her ludicrous posturing represents some kind of triumph for the plucky-Brits, rather than a truly embarrassing moment in the history of British diplomacy and terrifying forewarning of the savagely right-wing, isolationist and grotesquely unequal hard-right dystopia Theresa May and the Tories have been plotting for us all along.

Is the long-awaited Tory negotiating strategy really just to crudely threaten our 27 former European allies into giving us the deal Theresa May and the hard-right fringe of the Tory party want?

Just consider what Theresa May's tax haven threat actually implies. Who will be the people who will suffer the most if Theresa May and Philip Hammond set about turning the UK into a bargain basement corporate tax haven economy where stuff like human rights and the vestiges of the social security system are swept away in a fit of hard-right jingoism?

Will it be the European technocrats that the right-wing press have conditioned a sizable percentage of the UK public into hating? Of course it won't.

The real victims will be the British people who will see their rights, freedoms, public services, wages and living conditions eroded away in order to re-engineer the UK economy to favour the corporations and the super-rich even more than it already does.

Theresa May isn't holding a gun to her own head demanding a cushy deal for her corporate mates from the EU. Of course she isn't. She's holding a gun to the heads of millions of ordinary British plebs. 

"Give us what we want or millions of British plebs will suffer and die" she's shrieking at the EU, and instead of reacting in horror, that after all of these months of waiting, that this ludicrous nonsense is all the Tories have got to show for their supposed negotiating strategy, the mainstream media are actually showering her in praise and making out she's putting up a heroic fight!

Why should the EU technocrats give a damn about the fate of the British public, especially after 37% of us just stuck two fingers up at them in June 2016 in order to entrust our future to the hard-right fringe of the Tory party?

Most alarmingly of all, there will be millions of delirious plebs out there punching the air with delight over all these mainstream media caricatures of a clown-suited Theresa May standing up to the nasty foreigners, that they've completely failed to even understand that the gun is pointing at their temple.

They won't even understand that if the EU don't cave in to Theresa May's ludicrous ultimatum (which they obviously won't), it's going to be them, and their families, and their communities who will end up suffering the appalling consequences of living in a savagely right-wing Tory corporate dystopia, not the EU technocrats.

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