Thursday 14 July 2016

What is the real reason for the complete lockdown on local Labour Party democracy?

Aside from deciding to disenfranchise some 130,000 Labour Party voters in a desperate attempt to rig the leadership election against Jeremy Corbyn, the party hierarchy also decided to ban all local constituencies from holding meetings until after the leadership election ends in September.

The mainstream media narrative is that this decision has been taken for "safety reasons". The mainstream media articles all list the same kinds of incidents, like the brick thrown by an unidentified person through Anglea Eagle's office window, alleged homophobic abuse against Angela Eagle (at a meeting she didn't even attend) and the changing of venues for an Angela Eagle event in Luton due to alleged "threats" (although the venue owner claims that he pulled the plug on the event because he didn't want it in his hotel).

It's amazing that just weeks after a Labour Party MP was savagely murdered in the street that the Labour Party has gone into fall anti-democratic lockdown mode over a bit of vandalism and some threatening messages.

Surely if "safety" was a serious concern, then the actual murder of a Labour politician would have triggered such a lockdown, but no, nothing of the kind happened after Jo Cox was killed.

The complete lockdown on local party democracy as a result of a few much less serious incidents (at least one of them blatantly fabricated) doesn't make sense from a pragmatic perspective. Neither does it make sense as a response to intimidating behaviour. The idea that you just cave in to the acts of a small minority of extremists goes completely against conventional wisdom. If the response to barbaric acts of terrorism like the 7/7 London Bombing was to bravely get on the tube the next day and go to work because to let London grind to a halt would have been a victory for terrorism, how is shutting down all traces of local party democracy a sensible reaction to a few people who write abusive messages or commit minor acts of vandalism?

Anyone who is even remotely capable of reading between the mainstream media lines surely understands that there's a different reason for this decision to force the shutdown of all traces of local Labour party democracy. There has to be another reason because attempted explanation for this assault on local party democracy is so utterly unbelievable that only the intensely gullible could ever fall for it.

In reality the real explanation is remarkably obvious. It's absolutely no coincidence that this decision to ban all local constituency parties from meeting has come after a spate of no confidence votes against coup-plotting MPs in their own constituencies.

One of the coup-plotters who was facing a no-confidence vote in their own constituency before this lockdown was announced was Angela Eagle. Just imagine how damaging it would have been to the Anyone But Corbyn camp if their candidate for the Labour party leadership was hit with a no-confidence vote from their own constituency party.

The Labour Party hierarchy also know that a huge wave of no confidence votes against coup-plotting MPs would give Jeremy Corbyn the perfect opportunity to offer Labour Party members the opportunity to deselect self-serving/venal/right-wing/incompetent/ corrupt MPs as part of his re-election campaign.

The decision to enforce a complete shutdown on local Labour Party democracy clearly has nothing to do with "safety concerns" (otherwise such a move would surely have been made after the Jo Cox assassination, not now) and everything to do with preventing local constituency parties from tabling no-confidence votes to condemn the appalling behaviour of their own self-serving MPs.

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