Friday, 22 July 2016

The anonymous coup-plotter threats against Jeremy Corbyn and Labour party democracy

Labour coup plotter MPs have been briefing the press that if the Labour Party membership backs Jeremy Corbyn again in the leadership election (as they likely will), they'll deliberately paralyse the party by triggering one leadership contest after another in a desperate "war of attrition" against labour party democracy.

An unnamed Labour MP was quoted by the independent as saying "If we don’t win [the leadership] this year, we will do it again next year and, if necessary, the year after. At some point before the next general election, he will go. The only question is when" [source].

The decision to make these threats is tied up with Jeremy Corbyn's statement that he is considering letting local Labour constituencies re-select their MPs, so that local labour Party supporters get the chance to clear out venal, self-serving, corrupt, right-wing, expenses-scamming, lazy and/or incompetent MPs and replace them with other people who are more likely to actually represent their views and interests in parliament.

Re-selection is obviously an existential threat to the Westminster gravy train that so many Labour MPs have been complacently riding for the last couple of decades. Between 1997 and 2010 five million voters abandoned the Labour Party. This didn't happen because the public shifted to the right as the Blairites love to claim (socialist policies like a not-for-profit NHS and renationalisation of the railways are still incredibly popular), but because so many complacent Labour MPs stopped even pretending to care about serving the needs of the communities that elected them.

Running off to their chums in the mainstream press to express appalling self-serving anti-democratic sentiments is bad enough, but the fact that these cowards briefed the press without even giving their names just goes to show what kind of people they are.

The coup plotters whinge on endlessly about abuse (much of it completely fabricated) yet they're perfectly happy making disgusting anonymous threats against Jeremy Corbyn, the the Labour Party membership, and the concept of Labour Party democracy.

These people are clearly so concerned about retaining their ticket to ride the Westminster gravy train, and so afraid of being deselected by the democratic will of their own constituents, that they're prepared to threaten to paralyse the Labour Party with one leadership election after another just to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn.

The stupidity of it is that the more the self-serving coup-plotter MPs behave like this, the more people are going to feel justified in feeling that the Labour Party really does need a thorough clean out of cowardly anti-democratic party-wreckers via the re-selection of Labour MPs before the next General Election.

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