Tuesday 12 July 2016

Theresa May's staggering hypocrisy

Back in 2007 Theresa May wrote an article in which she furiously condemned the Prime Minister Gordon Brown for not having a democratic mandate after he was appointed as Tony Blair's successor and demanded an early General Election. 

Nine years later when she was appointed as David Cameron's successor during an absolute fiasco of a Tory leadership election, she flatly refused to call a snap general election, which is extraordinary for other reasons beside the searing hypocrisy of it.

Probably the most important reason a general election would be far is that after the referendum vote for Brexit the UK is clearly at a crossroads in history. There are many potential ways in which Brexit could be negotiated, but instead of putting it to the nation to decide what kind of Brexit they want, the public are simply being lumbered with a probably the most fanatical right-wing authoritarian in David Cameron's cabinet who was appointed on the back of votes from just 199 Tory MPs, most of them millionaire, middle aged, white men.

Not only has Theresa May spent the last six years at the Home Office passing some of the most illiberal and draconian legislation ever seen in the UK, she also has an appalling track record of missed targets, ideologically driven lunacy and incompetence too.

Lots of Brexiters tried to deny the warnings that voting to quit the EU would end up with David Cameron being replaced with someone even more fanatically right-wing than he is and then them ruling over us with impunity for the next four years, but that is precisely what has happened.

Just imagine the damage that can be done during the negotiation period with the EU, during their comprehensive restructuring of the legal system, in dealing with extremely complex constitutional issues like a second Scottish independence referendum and the open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Another consideration is that Theresa May will only benefit from a majority government because of the Tory electoral fraud that was committed in more than two dozen marginal constituencies. If Theresa May actually gave a damn about legitimate democratic mandates she'd at least call by-elections in all the constituencies that the Tory party cheated in.

Theresa May's complete U-turn on whether new Prime Ministers should call a General Election in order to seek a democratic mandate is a staggering display of self-serving hypocrisy. She's clearly not even remotely interested in democratic mandates, because if she was, she'd call the snap election she demanded of Gordon Brown back in 2007.

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