Friday 29 July 2016

Labour coup-plotters are blaming Corbyn for the consequences of their own actions

The Anyone But Corbyn camp have demonstrated their venality time and again, but the tactic of trying to blame Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party's slump in the polls in the wake of their woefully inept, spectacularly ill-timed and highly damaging coup plot really does take the biscuit.

Before the EU referendum Labour were pretty much level pegging with the Tories, and Jeremy Corbyn was considered one of the most trustworthy politicians during the referendum debate. This was despite a savage mainstream media campaign against him and a succession of current and former Labour politicians stabbing Corbyn in the back at every opportunity.

On the day after Brexit was announced a Survation poll found that the Tories and Labour were level pegging on 32% each while all other polls in the weeks before the EU referendum had Labour within 5% of the Tories. In the aftermath of the inept coup plot against Jeremy Corbyn Labour slumped to double digit deficits in five of the first six polls conducted since the fanatical hard-right authoritarian Theresa May was anointed as Tory leader.

It's no coincidence that Labour have slumped in the polls after the coup plot was launched. It's actually quite remarkable that over a quarter of people still express an intention to vote for a party who's MPs are so out-of-touch with reality that they actually decided to launch an internal civil war at precisely the moment when the country needed them to speak in unified condemnation of the Tory Brexit mess.

Anyone But Corbyn supporters trying to blame Jeremy Corbyn for the consequences of their own actions is either deeply cynical stuff, or it's the product of extraordinary tunnel vision.

There are plenty of Anyone But Corbyn supporters who understand basic cause and effect, and recognise that the damaging actions of the coup-plotter MPs that they support are the cause of the slump in party popularity. But they're determined to blame it on Jeremy Corbyn regardless, because they're essentially dishonest people who will use literally anything to attack Corbyn, whether it's his fault or not, or even if they know perfectly well that their own side are to blame.

The other kind of Anyone But Corbyn supporter to attempt to blame Corbyn for the results of the coup-plotters actions is the tunnel vision sufferer. These people are not as cynical and opportunistic as those who blame Corbyn despite understanding that it's the actions of their own faction that are to blame. The tunnel vision sufferer just doesn't have the thinking skills to understand basic cause and effect or synthesise various bits of information in order to develop a coherent worldview. As far as they're concerned the slump in the poll numbers is purely a reflection on Jeremy Corbyn's popularity, and can be considered in total isolation from the context of the hugely damaging rift in the party caused by the actions of the coup-plotters.

It's bad enough that the coup plotters chose to launch their pre-planned attack on their own party leader just at the moment when Labour could have bounced ahead of the Tories in the polls by speaking with a unified voice in condemnation of the Tory Brexit mess, but to actually blame Corbyn for the post-coup slump in the polls is absolutely staggering. 

Not only did the coup-plotters spurn the best opportunity to attack the Tories in years by launching their ludicrous pre-planned coup attempt, they're now actually trying to blame Jeremy Corbyn for the consequences of their own actions.

Is it any wonder voters are turning away from Labour when the party is full of people like that?

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