Sunday, 4 August 2019

The secret targeted Tory ads they don't want you to see

All of the major political parties use Facebook to target adverts at certain demographics (like people who hate wind farms for example), but ever since Facebook voluntarily brought in new rules to force political advertisers to log the ads they've been sending out, we've had the ability to look through the stuff they're sending out.

In the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election they sent out this sponsored advert declaring "No New Wind Farms - Vote Conservative".

You can see this advert registered in the Facebook Ad Library (you need to scroll down a few rows to see it, because Facebook doesn't allow you to link to a specific ad for some reason).

The advert was clearly only intended for the consumption of a certain demographic the Tories have identified as people who dislike wind farms, mainly women over the age of 44 for some reason.

This anti-environmental advert was obviously never intended for mass public consumption, because it clashes so glaringly with all of their "greenwash" about caring for the environment, which even goes as far as pinching EU anti-plastic pollution policies that were opposed in the European parliament by Tory MEPs to present them as Tory innovations!

So it would obviously be a terrible shame for the Tory party if people widely shared this article detailing what they're sending out to particular demographics when they think nobody else is looking wouldn't it?

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Ultraviolet said...

On the subject of Brecon and Radnor, I have seen discussions about this in numerous different places.

It is a Tory/Lib Dem swing seat. Even under Tony Blair, Labour came a distant third here.

It could arguably tell us something about Brexit.

It could arguably tell us something about the Boris honeymoon bounce, or lack of it.

It could arguably tell us something about the stupidity of the Tories readopting their convicted criminal as their candidate.

So why does every single discussion of the bye-election result end up talking about Corbyn?

Extraordinarily, the Independent has an article behind its paywall today headlined, "Why did Labour do so badly in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election?"

Well, because it's a Lib Dem/Tory swing seat, guys. Nothing more to it than that.

It is a mark of what a pivotal figure Corbyn is that the conversation keeps coming back round to him even when he has no relevance to the story whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Hes pivotal in that hes the only recognisable opposition to the Tories due to past the post as well as both cons and labs decades of financial backing from various financial sectors. Hes also the socialist face that's going yo be Muellered by Johnson over the next decade.

Anonymous said...

Or they specifically targeted ademograpgic they knew would vite for them that is a) actually acutely aware of the damage wind farms have done to the local wildlife and b) are aware that the state subsidised market repeatedly failed to generate enough electricity and they had to rely upon non renewables.

Thomas blatantly just trying to plug his blog at the end as some antidote to the Tories misdirection when realistically: free market energy is the way to go. But that wouldn't chime with his nationalise the whole sector gambit.

crabramblings said...

This sounds like the Dominic Cummings/Cambridge Analytica playbook at work. Identify the individual personality profiles of a few million FB users, target them with bespoke ads accordingly using the principle of CA's director Alexander Nix ("It doesn't have to be true; it just has to be believable")and wait for the swing of votes to happen.
EXCEPT that now the ads can be tracked down and revealed. That is a potential gamechanger, if the deceit of the ads can be made public and tracked back to the perpetrators. A few "purposes mistook Fall'n on the inventors' heads" might be just the thing to get a semblance of honesty and transparency back into the public political discourse.

Matthew said...

This is just getting silly. The Conservatives are generally anti-onshore wind farms and have been since Cameron (although this may well be changing - - it doesn't automatically make them "anti-environment, although clearly wind farms are a useful source of renewable energy.

As for "not wanting anyone else in Britain to see it", AAV is either being impressively ignorant or more likely deliberately obtuse. It's presumably an important topic in that area - doesn't mean that they'll want to PAY to have people everywhere else see it. For a supposedly 'independent' blog, AAV's intention is rather transparent...

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