Tuesday, 22 September 2015

How depraved is David Cameron?

So it is alleged that David Cameron put his private parts inside the mouth of a severed pig's head as some kind of depraved initiation to an elitist Oxford society. Nobody can be sure of the veracity of the claims other than those who were there, however it is claimed that there is photographic evidence of the incident, so it should be absolutely clear whether or not it happened from David Cameron's reaction. Either he decides to sue for libel, which would indicate that he believes the photographic evidence doesn't exist, or he'll just sit there and allow everyone to think that he's a "pigfucker" because endless repetition of the unproven allegations wouldn't be quite as damaging as the actual photographic evidence would be.

Aside from the allegations about what David Cameron did to a dead pig's head, there are a number of much more serious, but less headline grabbing issues to consider. One is whether the allegations that he helped a major Tory party donor (Michael Ashcroft) cover up his tax-dodging activities, and another is the desperate hypocrisy of him leading a party hell bent on actually intensifying the failing ideological "war on drugs" when he allegedly took a lot of drugs as a youth. What kind of vindictive bastard would continue sending young people to jail for doing precisely what they themselves did when they were young?

Anyhow it's worth considering the fact that everyone should already have know that David Cameron is a despicable and depraved individual long before the allegations about what he did to the severed head of a pig as a young man came out.
It's public knowledge that Cameron was part of disgusting elitist societies like the Bullingdon Club, who went around doing stuff like burning £50 notes in front of homeless people and trashing restaurants for a laugh.
It's public knowledge that Cameron's party have imposed draconian austerity measures on the poor, the ordinary, the young, the sick and the disabled while handing huge tax cuts to the super-rich minority and to multinational corporations (including the banks who caused the economic crisis in the first place).
It's public knowledge that Cameron is an inveterate liar who repeatedly tells outright lies about the UK economy and his government's economic track record. It doesn't seem to matter how many times he is rebuked by the UK Statistics Authority, he just keeps on repeating the lie that his government is reducing the national debt, when in fact they have actually doubled it, creating more new public debt than every Labour government in history in the process.
It's public knowledge that David Cameron tried to get the UK armed forces to assist the rise of ISIS by bombing the Syrian government. Thankfully this utter insanity was defeated in parliament, causing him to become the first Prime Minister to lose a war vote since 1782. However, the fact that so many MPs recognised the insanity of what he was proposing and defeated him doesn't detract from the utter lunacy of what he was trying to do.
It's public knowledge that David Cameron is so totally and utterly out-of-touch with reality that he actually read out a speech calling for permanent austerity for the poor and ordinary from a golden lectern, while completely surrounded by the trappings of extreme wealth and privilege.
It's public knowledge that David Cameron's government oversaw the longest sustained decline in UK wages since records began, and then tried to dress themselves up as the party for "hardworking people" with an Orwellian propaganda campaign.
It's public knowledge that David Cameron has let Iain Duncan Smith orchestrate a deadly campaign of terror over the lives of millions of the most vulnerable people in society. Given his extraordinary levels of malice, dishonesty and ineptitude it seems likely that the only way IDS has managed to hold onto his job as head of the DWP is that he knows some dirty secrets that are significantly worse than what Cameron is alleged to have done to that severed pig's head.
In my view the allegations about David Cameron's drug taking and the depraved initiation ceremony he took part in are not really very significant. I mean all but the most boring of us did something extremely regrettable in our youth, perhaps not violating a severed pig's head with our genitals, but something embarrassing we'd prefer not to be dredged out and made public knowledge.

Of course the majority of people in this country who are not Tories have had a good laugh about the allegations, but the fact is that what he may have done as a young man is nowhere near as depraved as what he's spent the last five years doing, because the only victims of the alleged pig incident were an already dead pig and Cameron's personal reputation. The human victims of his depraved political ideology are very real and far too numerous to count.

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Image credit: I took the pig's head image from Google images and cut out the background detail. Amazingly the guy who wrote the butchery article it came from got in touch. Here's a link to the article: Removing a pig's face from its skull is harder than it looks.

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