Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg's dad literally wrote the book on profiteering from economic crises

Jacob Rees-Mogg isn't just a ridiculous "Lord Snooty" cartoon caricature of a man, he's also the leader of the secretive 'party within a party' group of Tory ERG Brextremists who are pushing Theresa May towards an economically catastrophic "no deal" Brexit meltdown.

I'm not the only one to have pointed out the way that a significant number of Tory Brextremists are positioning themselves to benefit from Brexit, from Jacob Rees-Mogg opening investment funds in Ireland to maintain access to the Single Market, through top Tory Brextremists like John Redwood and Michael Ashcroft advising their wealthy speculator mates to get their cash out of Britain while they tank the economy, to former Brexit junior minister Steve Baker investing in a company advising their clients to buy gold as insurance against the approaching Tory Brexit meltdown.

It's absolutely clear that a number of Tory Brextremists are simply hard-right disaster capitalists looking to make fortunes betting against Britain, then use the ensuing chaos to tear down the remnants of the social safety net, gut workers' rights and environmental protections, and make £billions buying up distressed British assets on the cheap.

They're steering the UK economy towards the "no deal" cliff edge with the aim of asset stripping the wreckage like vultures stripping the meat off the carcass.

And for anyone arguing that such a deliberate act of national vandalism is far-fetched, consider the fact that the Tory government's own impact assessments rate a "no deal" Brexit as by far the most economically damaging option, (a scenario that would cause an economic meltdown to make the 2007-08 Bankers' crisis look mild in comparison) and that Jacob Rees-Mogg's father actually wrote the book on how to profit from economic crises.

And what better kind of economic crisis is there for profiteering from than one where the speculator class know the exact date it's going to happen in advance?

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