Saturday, 8 September 2018

No wonder the internal wreckers are terrified of democratic reselection

The thing with bullies is that they will always cry victim if the tables are turned and their victims begin standing up for themselves, and so it has come to pass with the right-wing internal wreckers in the Labour Party.

For three infuriating years of deliberately trying to wreck the Labour Party within by continually plotting against the party leadership, and regularly abusing hundreds of thousands of ordinary Labour members ("arm-twisting trots", "dogs", "rabble", "cultists", "communists", "entryists", "Stalinists", "Nazi storm troopers" ...) the ordinary members have begun to fight back with a series of no confidence votes in the most divisive anti-Corbyn Labour MPs.

But after "no confidence" votes in several of the worst offenders like Chris Leslie (one of the architects of Labour's disastrous austerity-lite strategy at the 2015 General Election), Joan Ryan (who was caught on camera fabricating fake anti-Semitism smears) and Gavin Shuker (a guy who keeps threatening to quit the Labour Party in order to inflict as much damage as possible from the inside) the Labour right-wingers are suddenly crying victim.

The extraordinary thing is that it never needed to be this way. If the likes of Joan Ryan, Chuka Umunna, Jess Phillips, Chris Leslie, Gavin Shuker, Ian Austin, and Stephen Kinnock had got with the new programme they would never have ended up facing no confidence votes and the looming prospect of mandatory reselection of all Labour MPs.

Jeremy Corbyn made it clear over and again that he was prepared to work with the Labour right-wingers, but every time he extended the hand of friendship and invited them into his shadow cabinet they ended up petulantly refusing to serve, knifing him in the back, andor slagging off the ordinary Labour Party members who twice decided that they wanted a genuine democratic socialist as their leader, not another run-of-the-mill pro-austerity, pro-privatisation, pro-war, anti-welfare neoliberal.

Corbyn also expressed his personal opposition to the idea of mandatory reselection of Labour MPs in the past, but after three damaging years of internal wrecking from these neoliberal plants in the Labour Party, it's not Corbyn calling for democratic reselection, it's the Labour Party membership.

Yet somehow these right-wing internal wreckers have the absolute brass neck to suddenly begin arguing that membership dissatisfaction with their three years of divisive and damaging conduct is a distraction from the main task of criticising the Tories!

So for three years they expended far more effort on attacking their own party and slandering the membership than they did on criticising the Tories, but as soon as the prospect of democratic reselection is looming on the horizon they're suddenly painting the idea of being held to account for their actions by ordinary people as a terrible distraction from the main job of criticising the Tories.

And aside from the utter hypocrisy of suddenly deciding that criticising the Tories is the main objective after three years letting the Tories run wild as they concentrate on internal wrecking, some of the worst offenders are lobbing insults again too.

After the vote of "no conficence" against Joan Ryan, she issued an extraordinary Tweet describing her own party members as "trots, Stalinists and communists" instead of seeking to make amends with the people she's so badly let down!

It's as if she's so lacking in self-awareness that she can't even see that bitterly slandering the people who have lost confidence in her as a perfect demonstration that she's completely unsuited to be their representative in parliament.

Then there's Chuka Umunna who has returned to the Labour right-winger trope of calling left-leaning Labour members "dogs" in an effort to get Jeremy Corbyn to quash the move towards democratic reselection of all Labour MPs.

These people are terrified of democracy and the concept of actually being held to account for their actions by ordinary people.

It's no wonder they're acting so incoherently given how wrong everything has gone for them in the last three years. 

They've gone from heirs apparent who would get to walk into the top jobs in the Labour Party without the faintest worry about ever being held to account by anyone, through petulantly refusing to participate in Corbyn's cabinet; and then their spectacularly failed chicken coup; and then their failed effort to ban Jeremy Corbyn from participating in the 2nd Labour leadership election; and then their outrageous purge of left-wing Labour members for "crimes" like retweeting Caroline Lucas or liking the Foo Fighters; and then seeing their predictions of a Labour General Election wipe-out under Corbyn ruined by the biggest surge in the Labour vote since 1945; and now they're facing the very real prospect of being democratically replaced by their local Labour Party as a result of this bullying and constant internal wrecking.

So the over-entitled Labour right-wingers are angrily lashing out again, but making the same mistakes as before: Insulting the Labour Party members they're soon going to have to justify their behaviour to, and resorting to the laziest and most hypocritical cry-bully arguments in the expectation that ordinary Labour Party members are suddenly going to start lapping up their ridiculously fact-averse narratives now, after three years of getting ever more pissed off by them.

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