Thursday, 25 January 2018

Want to know why Brexit is turning into such a shambles?

A National Audit Office report has found that Liam Fox's Department for International Trade is so unfit to secure post-Brexit trade deals that even after 19 months they haven't even defined "the range of capabilities and level of capacity it will require to undertake its role in delivering an independent UK trade function". Additionally they were only able to name a single person when asked to provide a list of the experienced trade negotiators they've been able to hire since the Brexit vote.

Things are even worse at David Davis' Department for Exiting the EU which is the is the most chaotic and chronically understaffed department of the most shambolic government the UK has suffered in decades.

The reason these departments are such a mess is obvious: What experienced civil servant or trade negotiator would want to have either of these two incompetent self-serving blaggers as their boss?

Working in either of these departments means continually defending whatever pathetic nonsense/lies/boasts/excuses that Fox or Davis are spewing at the time, then having your entire career tainted by association with the resulting mess once they inevitably screw it all up (and likely blame their subordinates rather than taking any responsibility whatever for their own shortcomings).

It's obvious that nobody with any strategic sense whatever would chose to drink from either of these poisoned chalices, which means that both departments are largely staffed by people who have been drafted in from other government departments against their better judgements, and by those lacking the strategic thinking skills to steer clear of career suicide.

A Brexit administered by a combination of the unwilling and the strategically naive, and headed by two of the most obvious charlatans in the Tory party!

Even with highly competent ministers in charge of fully-staffed teams of experienced civil servants and expert negotiators, Brexit would still represent a hugely risky endeavour for the United Kingdom, but with incompetent self-serving charlatans like Fox and Davis running the show, only the most gullible and naively over-optimistic of people could ever imagine that their shambolic "make it up as we go along" approach is going to turn out just swimmingly.

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