Monday, 29 January 2018

Don't be naive enough to judge Anna Soubry by her words rather than her actions

If you were naive enough to judge so-called "mutineer" Tory MPs like Anna Soubry by their words rather than their actions, you would end up thinking that they're leading the fight against a ruinous hard-right Brexit, rather than actually enabling it.

Take her "stand up to wreckers" tweet. Those unfamiliar with Soubry's empty posturing might actually think that she's actually arguing against the likes of Boris Johnson, David Davis, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Michael Gove running the Tory party and the nation.

The reality is completely different. Soubry knows that Theresa May such a weak leader she simply can't stand up to the hard-right Brextremist fringe of the Tory party.

Soubry knows that Theresa May has appointed Brextremists to key positions throughout her government, and she knows that May's future as Prime Minister is hanging by a thread because as soon as the secretive cabal of Brextremist Tory MPs led by Jacob Rees-Mogg turns on her, she's finished.

Soubry knows that Theresa May's European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is an effort to use Brexit as a Trojan Horse to enable a hard-right attack on parliamentary sovereignty, workers' rights, consumer protections, devolved parliaments, food standards, democratic accountability, and pretty much everything that has impeded the fanatical fringe of the Tory party from turning the UK into a horrible hard-right dystopia.

She knows that the EU Withdrawal Bill is a shameless and shambolic hard-right power grab because she's done an awful lot of grandstanding against it during the legislative process.

But then when it came to the crunch she helped to ensure that it passed to the next phase by actually voting in favour of it!

Anna Soubry and the rest of the so-called "mutineer" Tory MPs had the chance to defeat this outrageous piece of legislation by siding with Labour and the other opposition parties to oppose it, but she actually voted in favour of it.

The reason she voted in favour of this hard-right power grab is simple: She knew that a defeat on such a high profile piece of legislation would have caused the end of Theresa May and a massive succession problem for the Tory party, so she decided to put the narrow party political interests of the Conservative party above the welfare of the nation.

In many ways grandstanders like Anna Soubry are the worst. They're actually worse than the Tory Brextremists because at least the Brextremists are driven to inflict such harm on the nation because of their hard-right ideology.

Soubry has no such excuse. She knows how bad it is. She keeps saying how bad it is. She wins plaudits for saying how bad it is. She garners sympathy when Theresa May's Blue-kip hate mob send her death threats for saying how bad it is. But when it comes to the crunch and she has the opportunity to actually stop it, she actually votes in favour of it!

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