Friday, 12 January 2018

Dominic Raab is a liar

The new Tory housing minister Dominic Raab is a liar. He appeared on BBC Question Time on January 11th 2018 and told a glaring lie to the British people.

His lie was an absurd claim that the NHS has more beds than ever.

Anyone who has paid the remotest attention to the Tory vandalism of the NHS that has been going on since 2010 will have been aware of the dozens of NHS facilities that have been shut down and downgraded under their so-called cost-cutting measures.

How could there be more beds than ever as Raab claimed when the Tories have been closing and stripping back so many NHS services you may well ask.

The answer is that Dominic Raab was lying through his teeth, and that there are actually 17,000 fewer hospital beds than when the Tories came to power in 2010.

In fact the current collapse in the number of NHS is the second Tory wave of bed closures following their previous funding assault on the NHS between 1979 and 1997. In reality the number of available NHS beds has almost halved in the last 30 years.

So at a time of rising demand for NHS services as a result of our ageing population, the Tory government has overseen a dramatic decline in the number of NHS hospital beds. But rather than apologise for it, Raab decided to reverse reality and lie that there are more hospital beds than ever.

Ever since Raab's (brazen and obvious) lie was exposed, he's been refusing to apologise or offer any attempt to clarify the truth that the number of NHS beds has actually plummeted by 17,000 on his party's watch.

One of the big problems here is the attitude of the mainstream press who repeatedly allow government ministers to get away with endlessly spewing this type of easily disprovable lie.

If government ministers were faced by a barrage of demands that they admit the truth and apologise for lying, they'd pretty soon learn to be more careful about what they say.

But the next time Raab is interviewed or appears on the television you can be almost certain that the interviewer won't remind him of the lie he told to the British people or demand that he apologises for it.

If throwaway lies like this costed politicians and their party more in negative publicity than they could ever gain by using them, they'd soon stop lying of their own volition, or be pressurised into avoiding such brazen lies by their political parties.

The problem of course is that the mainstream media is rammed full of wealthy privileged toffs from the same elitist backgrounds, private fee-paying schools, and Oxbridge colleges as the politicians they pretend to be holding to account.

Mainstream media hacks know that forcing politicians to apologise for their provable lies would make great telly in the short-term, but they also know that they'd get soon blacklisted and denied special access to the Westminster elitists if they behaved like that.

If mainstream media hacks want easy access to politicians, and strategic leaks, and the latest word on rumours in the Westminster village, then they know they have to act with the deference and subservience demanded of them by the political elitists.

The subservience of the mainstream media is one of the main reasons government ministers like Dominic Raab feel so at ease lying to the British public, and the main reason you're highly unlikely to see any mainstream media interviewer forcing him to admit that he lied and suggesting that he apologise for it and set the record straight by admitting the truth.

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