Wednesday 27 December 2017

The secretive Tory "party within a party" drawing up insane policies and promoting Brextremism

Most people are aware that ever since Theresa May threw away her parliamentary majority in her vanity election, she's been at the beck and call of the extreme-right Europhobic fringe of the Tory party because she has no room to manoeuvre without continually appeasing them.

What is less commonly known is the fact that this hard-right fringe of the Tory party have clubbed together to form a shady and highly secretive "party within a party" which uses taxpayers' cash to bankroll their push for an extreme and highly destructive hard-right version of Brexit.

This group of Brextremist Tory politicians call themselves the European Research Group, and between them members have claimed over £250,000 in parliamentary expenses for work they claim to have done on behalf of this fringe pressure group. 

The Tory MPs who have claimed taxpayer cash for work done on behalf of their secretive Brextremism operation include Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, Sajid Javid, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Chris Grayling, David Gauke, Penny Mordaunt, and Liam Fox.

It's estimated that the ERG has around 80 members but nobody knows for sure. Numerous efforts have been made to establish which specific Tory MPs are members of this secretive hard-right Brexit pressure group, but they continually refuse to provide details of their membership or activities, despite the significant amount of taxpayers' cash that has been claimed on behalf of the group.

It's been reported that the group run their own whipping operation within the Tory party to ensure that the members of the group continually push for the hardest and most anti-democratic interpretation of the Brexit referendum vote.

They also have a secret WhatsApp group they use to coordinate their activities, and hold regular meetings at which government ministers have been know to assure the group that Theresa May is complying with their Brextremist demands.

Here is a list of known members of the group (politicians with positions within Theresa May's government in bold):
  • Suella Fernandes (the current chairperson of the group & PPS at the Treasury))
  • Steve Baker (previous chairperson of the group until promoted into the Brexit department)
  • Liam Fox (Minister for International Trade)
  • Craig Mackinlay (Former UKIP politician who defected to the Tories)
  • Andrea Leadsom (former Tory leadership candidate, Leader of the Commons)
  • Sajid Javid (Minister for communities and local government)
  • Chris Heaton-Harris (The Tory whip who sent McCarthyite inquisition letters to UK universities)
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg (regularly touted as a future Tory leader)
  • Chris Grayling (Minister for Transport)
  • Michael Tomlinson (low profile Tory MP and deputy chair of the group)
  • Michael Gove (Minister for the Environment)
  • Penny Mordaunt (Minister for International Development)
  • David Guake (Minister for Work and Pensions)
As can be seen from this list, Theresa May's government is absolutely riddled with members of this Brextremist pressure group.

Just to get an idea of the extremist nonsense this group is using taxpayer funds to come up with, just consider the new report drawn up by the former-Ukipper turned Tory Craig Mackinlay, which calls for the introduction of visas for all EU visitors to the UK.

Mackinlay claims that such a move would raise £150 million by charging everyone who visits the UK from the EU, but it's spectacularly easy to spot the flaws in this plan.

The first major flaw is that the £150 million "profit" does not take account of the lost tax revenues caused by driving away potential visitors with time consuming and costly visa applications. It would only need a small percentage drop in tourism from the continent to massively reduce tax revenues and eclipse the £150 million "profit" leaving country significantly worse off.

Aside from the obvious false economics of the scheme there's also the fact that such a move from Britain would obviously trigger a reciprocal response, with the EU requiring visas for British visitors to any of the EU member states. This would create the situation where EU citizens would have the choice of visa free travel anywhere within the EU, or the time and expense of applying for a visa to visit the UK. Meanwhile British citizens would have to apply for visas to visit all ten of our top ten travel destinations (which are in order: Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, USA Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Poland).

It's bad enough that this fanatical group of Tory MPs has appointed a rabid former-Ukipper to come up with an absurd plan to kick the UK tourism industry to pieces, significantly reduce UK tax revenues in order to raise a paltry £150 million by rinsing cash out of any EU citizens who still chose to visit Brexit Britain, and trigger a reciprocal tit-for-tat response from the EU that would significantly impact millions of British visitors to the continent.

But the fact is that they're actually claiming huge wodges of taxpayers' cash to promote this kind of hard-right Brextremism is the most extraordinary thing about it.

Then there's the fact that members of this secretive Brextremist group are embedded throughout Theresa May's government, with leading members of the ERG claiming that they have the power to "get anything they want" from Theresa May.

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