Saturday, 16 December 2017

The conspiracy-mongering and censorship frenzy of Tory MP David Morris

The Tory MP David Morris has claimed that contributors to a report by ITV into poverty in his local constituency of Morecambe in Lancashire were lying about extreme poverty as part of a plot by the left-wing Labour pressure group Momentum.

This is an incredible display of conspiracy-mongering because he's actually claiming that the doctors and teachers in the following clip are making up their concerns as part of a concerted left-wing political conspiracy.

If this Tory MP's evidence-free smears were actually true and the doctor was lying about having seen children with malnutrition-based illnesses just for political reasons, he would face being struck off the medical register.

And the teachers would also face serious disciplinary action and probably the sack too if the Tory MP's lazy smears about them making up lies for political reasons were true.

But David Morris is absolutely and totally free to make up politically motivated smears as a feeble effort to distract public attention away from child poverty in his constituency.

And that's the difference between Westminster politics and the rest of us right there in a nutshell.

If people in ordinary jobs get caught telling disgraceful politically motivated lies in our jobs, we'd face disciplinary action or the sack. But Tory MPs  like David Morris are absolutely free to fall back on brazen lies and ridiculous smears whenever they like, with no fear of punishment from their party, or from the (absolutely toothless joke of a) parliamentary standards authority.

It's clearly one set of rules for us 'lower order plebs' and another completely different and far more lax set of rules for out-of-touch Tory elitists like David Morris.

And to make matters worse Morris has now had an entire day to apologise for his evidence-free smear-mongering, but has instead doubled down on his claims and instigated a massive purge of his Facebook page to block people from questioning his statements, claiming that the negative public reaction to his original smears is another conspiracy by Momentum!

One of his Facebook posts shows 72 comments in the thread, but only one comment has survived the purge, while another post shows 65 comments in the thread with not a single one surviving his censorship frenzy.

This scandal has demonstrated a lot of things about David Morris. He indulges in paranoid conspiracy theories; he refuses to provide any evidence to back up his wild assertions; he has contempt for public sector workers like teachers and doctors; he ruthlessly censors all critical comments from his Facebook page; and worst of all is his complete disregard for the children growing up in shocking poverty in his own constituency.

All of these things show how utterly unfit David Morris is for public service, so let's hope the people of Morecambe and Lunesdale overturn his slim 1,339 majority at the next election and give him the sack that he so thoroughly deserves.

And let's also hope that the doctor and teachers he has smeared consider taking legal action against him for spreading defamatory comments that damage their professional reputations, and endanger their careers.

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