Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Listen up Theresa, you don't actually need a dick to be a misogynist

Theresa May has resorted to a crude display of dick-counting in order to score cheap political points against Labour. She was trying to make the absurd case that because she's a woman and Jeremy Corbyn is a man, the Tories are somehow more female-friendly than Labour.

The glaring problem for Theresa May and her Tory colleagues is that they have repeatedly voted in favour of imposing ruinous austerity dogma on the British economy. Not only does Tory austerity dogma (or deliberate under-investment as it could also be described) provably cause vast amounts of social and economic damage in general, but 86% of the burden of it has been loaded onto the shoulders of women from poor and ordinary women.

The reality is that Theresa May and her Tory mates are the misogynists who believe in economically punishing millions of women from poor and ordinary backgrounds for the reckless gambling of the wealthy (and mainly male) bankers who trashed the global economy and caused the soaring UK budget deficit in the first place.

On the other hand Labour and Jeremy Corbyn want to scrap the Tories' ruinous and discriminatory austerity agenda, and implement numerous policies that would benefit women across the UK too. For example the Labour policy of a £10 minimum wage would benefit millions of women, because the vast majority of workers earning poverty pay are female.

So while Theresa May and her elitist Tory chums focus on cock-counting to score cheap political points as they simultaneously discriminate against women from the 'lower orders', Jeremy Corbyn has come up with policies to actually help ordinary women who aren't lucky enough to earn £142,500 a year like Theresa May does. The kind of women who aren't wealthy enough to totally insulate themselves from the devastating consequences of Tory austerity fanaticism that are suffered every day by women outside the wealthy establishment class.

The simple truth of the matter is that you don't actually have to have a dick to be an outrageous misogynist, and possession of a penis doesn't disbar you from fighting for women's rights either.

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