Thursday, 6 March 2014

The History and Future of Currency: Rewards

I am planning to crowdfund a book about economics. The working title is "The history and future of currency" - but I'm hoping to think up something a little more catchy before publication.

The essence of the book will be the importance of money in economic systems, and how redesigning money itself could break the tired old left-right paradigm that has utterly dominated political and economic discourse since the 19th Century.

There are two main reasons I have decided to crowdfund the project.

The first reason being that I am keen to crowdsource as much of the project as possible in order to turn it into a collaborative project. Perhaps you could think of it as a kind of open peer review, in which a wide range of people are invited to offer their feedback as the book is being written.

The second reason is that I really want to ensure that my book goes into physical print. I will of course do an ebook too, but I feel it is incredibly important to create a physical book so that my work is accessible to those that rarely/never use computers, electronic readers or the Internet. I don't want my book to be something that just exists in the digital space, if I wanted that I could just write what I've got to say in the form of blog posts on this page.

I have two things to do before I officially launch the project. Firstly I need to produce a short video explaining what the books will be about, and the unique way I am crowdsourcing the whole project. Making such a video is important because crowdfunding projects with videos are usually 10x as successful as those without.

The second thing is to decide on the incentives I will offer to people that invest in the project.

I have been thinking about offering five tiers of incentive, each tier would contain all of the items from the preceeding tiers.
1. Blog contribution: To see the progress of the book as it is being written, and the option to add feedback, the best of which may be compiled in an Appendix of Interesting Feedback.  £2.50/£5.00

2. Ebook: The above, plus a copy of the ebook and your name in the Acknowledgements section. £10.00

3. Physical book: The above, plus a physical copy of the book (hopefully a hardback copy if I can raise sufficient funds). £25.00

4. Signed copy: The copy of the physical book would be a signed first edition. £50.00

5. Launch party: Two tickets to join me at the official launch party (with open bar,  hopefully somewhere beautiful in Yorkshire). The signed copy of the first edition would personalised and presented by me at the launch party (should you so wish). £250.00
It would be enormously helpful if you could let me know whether you would be interested in making a contribution, and which level you would be most interested in. Do not feel intimidated about saying "no thanks", contributing to a crowdsourced book about economics is hardly everyone's cup of tea!