Sunday 9 March 2014

Aaaargh - I just agreed with the Daily Mail!

My views on the Daily Mail are clear. It is a newspaper with a long history of promoting fascism, which is owned by a tax-dodger. It breeds ignorance, fuels hatred and supports the grotesquely unpatriotic and highly destructive ideology of neoliberalism, whilst maliciously smearing true patriots as unpatriotic.

The Daily Mail also do a nice line in hypocrisy; supporting online censorship on the pretext of "protecting children" from pornography, whilst using grotesquely sexualised language to write about the children of celebrities in their sidebar of smut.

Even despite this appalling track record they occasionally print something worthwhile, such as the occasional article from Sonia Poulton, or their article in March 2014 exposing the fact that David Cameron shelled out thousands of pounds in order to buy "likes" for his personal Facebook page.

This is truly pathetic stuff from Cameron, who is supposed to be a Prime Minister dealing with the fallout from a major economic crisis, not some pathetic C-list celebrity wasting his time buying Facebook likes.

I'm just a bloke (I've never been mentioned once in the mainstream media and never been interviewed) yet I've picked up well over 38,000 Facebook followers without paying a single penny to Facebook.

The huge majority of people that follow the Another Angry Voice Facebook page don't even know what I look like, but follow my work because they find my ideas and political views interesting, not because I've paid Facebook to suggest that people like me as David Cameron has!

I know that the Mail's reason for criticising Cameron is totally different to mine (I think he's the most dangerously right-wing and authoritarian leader this country has endured since universal suffrage; They think he's nowhere near dangerously right-wing and authoritarian enough) but on the fact that he is a tosser we are in agreement.

It is fundamentally important to point out that in this case, the enemy of my enemy is most certainly not my friend.

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