Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Tory ideological mission

Nobody should be surprised that the Tory party serve the interests of the wealthy minority.

The fact that the Tory led government is packed full of millionaires who buy into the "greed is a virtue" philosophy of neoliberalism is one strong indicator that the serving of wealthy establishment interests should be expected. Another, even stronger indicator is the fact that the Tory party is funded by a rogues gallery of tax-dodgers, banksters, private health interests and landed gentry.

The Tory party is absolutely crammed with people suffering a smug sense of superiority over the masses. These people believe that they are special and a cut above the rest, because they're rich, because they've been Eton & Oxbridge educated, because they were born into establishment families, or perhaps (like Iain Duncan Smith) because they suffer a misanthropic hatred for most of humanity. This sense of superiority and entitlement that pervades the Tory party allows them to believe that the "lower orders" are just a gigantic hoard of pig-ignorant cretins that can be abused, lied to and easily fobbed off with the most implausible nonsense.
One example of this assumption of absolute stupidity is the way that the Tories have been constantly talking up their so-called "economic recovery" as if us "lower orders" are far too stupid to realise that we are far worse off than we were when the Tories snuck into power in 2010.

The Tories seem to believe that if they point to some cherry-picked and grotesquely manipulated statistics (GDP figures, headline unemployment rate, house price inflation figures) us plebs are so damn stupid that we'll forget all about their unprecidented campaign of wage repression, their massive cuts to in-work social security, their defunding of our essential services, their attacks on our labour rights and our rights to express dissent, their ideological destruction of the justice system, their disgraceful sell-offs and give-aways of state infrastructure for far less than it's actually worth and their campaign of psychological torture against the disabled.

They really do think that they are so smart and superior, and us ordinary people are so stupid and gullible that they can tell us that we're all benefiting from this so-called "recovery" and we'll all simply believe it and flock to the polling stations to vote for them.

One of the most obvious problems with this "recovery" narrative is that there has been absolutely no "recession" or "austerity" for the rich, whilst the cuts and austerity measures have been borne by the poor and ordinary.

  • Since the financial sector collapse in 2008 the banks have paid out more than double the amount in bonuses than they've paid in corporation tax. [source]
  • The rate of corporation tax on large corporations has been slashed by 40% from 28% in 2010 to 20% in 2015. [source]
  • Since the Tories came to power the directors of the FTSE 100 companies have enjoyed an unprecedented period of wage inflation, which peaked in 2011 with an average annual wage rise of 49%! [source]
  • The average worker has suffered the longest sustained period of wage repression since records began. [source]
  • Private health companies that donate to the Tory party have received £1.5 billion worth of contracts since the Tories carved the NHS wide open for privatisation (like they promised that they wouldn't). [source]
  • In the very same week that the Tories introduced "Bedroom Tax" to financially penalise some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in society, they handed the 13,000 UK based income millionaires an average tax break of £100,000 per year! [source]
These facts blast the Tory narrative that "we're all in this together" out of the water. They rely on the hope that the "lower orders" are too stupid and too ill-informed (thanks to the complicity of the mainstream media) to understand what is really going on. The super-rich establishment class haven't suffered austerity and wage repression, and in fact, they've been making themselves richer than ever before.

In the words of Mark McGowan "This isn't a recession, it's a robbery".

There is an absolute mountain of evidence out there that the Tories (assisted by their odious Lib-Dem sidekicks) have been up to their usual trick of making the rich minority richer and everyone else poorer, yet some delusional people still continue to vote Tory. It seems that the Tories can do whatever they like, and some 30% of regular voters will still vote for them and their agenda of deliberately widening the poverty gap in order to serve the interests of the tiny establishment minority.

I'll conclude with a prediction: After four years of helping the tiny super-rich establishment minority enrich themselves at a faster rate than ever against a backdrop of brutal Tory austerity for the poor and ordinary, the Tories will take their foot off the necks of the "lower orders" (in the form of a rise in the minimum wage, a cut in VAT ...) in the months before the 2015 election in the hope that they can create an artificial "feel-good factor" to win them the next general election. The idea being that the "lower orders" will be so relieved to be able to breathe properly for a while, that they'll forget who has been standing on their neck for four years, then flock to the polling stations to vote for their oppressors.

I hope you won't be one of them ...

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