Thursday, 11 November 2021

Spot the Difference

In 2019 voters in the Don Valley constituency in South Yorkshire elected their first ever Tory MP, a private landlord by the name of Nick Fletcher.

It's absolutely astonishing that people in a poverty-stricken post-industrial part of South Yorkshire would wilfully elect a member of the Tory party as their MP, but political memories are clearly incredibly short, and it seems like people have already forgotten the horrific Tory de-industrialisation policies of the 1980s and 90s that annihilated local economies across the north of England.

They've forgotten the disastrous de-industrialisation policies; they've forgotten the demented Tory "leave it to market forces" fanaticism of just leaving entire towns to rot, so that younger generations had no choice but to leave for more affluent areas where they could actually find decent well-paid jobs; and they've forgotten the Tory austerity ruination that siphoned £billions out of local government budgets as they were simultaneously lavishing tax cuts and handouts on corporations and the mega-rich!

It's bad enough that people in a left-behind former coal mining area elected any Tory to represent them on the political stage, but it's especially galling that he's a property-hoarder who profiteers off parasites like him buying up all of the affordable housing, so that ordinary people are forced into paying off his mortgages, rather than buying houses of their own.

He's not just an economically unproductive exploiter representing a party that inflicted ruination on the area he represents, he's also ridiculously dishonest, to the extent of taking people for absolute mugs.

On December 21st 2020 he posted a Facebook selfie, taken in the town of Thorne.

On September 20th 2021 he posted the exact same selfie, with Christmas trees still visible in the background.

And on November 10th he posted the same selfie again claiming to have visited the town, and seen it "thriving again after a tough year".

Of course using the same photo over and again isn't even remotely on the same scale of dishonesty and corruption that Johnson's Tory party is absolutely mired in (dodgy PPE contracts, the Owen Paterson scandal, Geoffrey Cox skiving parliament to earn £hundreds per hour representing a tax haven; Tory donors apparently buying peerages at £3 million a pop; MPs accepting freebies from gambling companies then lobbying for them in parliament; David Cameron lobbying for Greensill to get £350 million in Covid loans just before they went bankrupt; Rishi Sunak's wife investing in a firm just weeks before her husband gave them a massive loan ...), but misleadingly posting the same photo multiple times is the kind of dishonest behaviour ordinary people would call their friends out for, isn't it?

It's similar to Tory liar Lucy Allan's bizarrely staged election pictures in 2017.

Of course her mendacious lie about not being invited to remembrance day events (when she actually had her constituency manager reject both invitations) is worse, as is the way she fabricated a death threat in order to smear a constituent who wrote to her in 2015 urging her to oppose David Cameron's war-mongering in Syria, but the fact these people resort to deception, when it would almost certainly be easier to just tell the truth is illustrative of their characters, isn't it?

It absolutely boggles the mind that people wilfully vote to put charlatans like this in parliament, especially when it's people in deprived former coal mining areas like the Don Valley.

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Vivien Markham said...

Strange how people always bring up the winter of discontent and three day working week when Labour was in power but conveniently forget austerity and the poverty it has caused in towns like Don Valley which elected a Tory MP at the last General Election for the first time ever. My view is that the Tories will be forgiven any misdeeds greed or corruption because Boris Johnson appeals to a lot of voters in the North of England because they can relate to him and most importantly he got Brexit done so can do no wrong in their eyes!

DanMcAuley said...

The 3 day week was under a Conservative government in 1973-74 under Edward Heath. Which means anyone bringing that up to discredit Labour is being even more dishonest!

Vivien Markham said...

The three day working week was indeed under Ted Heath's Tory government I stand corrected.

Unknown said...

Yes it's not the first time I've seen people saying the 3 day week was under labour. Was going to correct this until I saw you had. Notice she immediately acknowledged this was when Ted Heath was in power, which makes me wonder why she claimed it was under labour when she clearly knew it was in Ted hlHeath's time.

Anonymous said...

Well the three day working week and winter of discontent were a direct result of both Conservative and Labour party post war policies. So Nationalising:

-Health care (the NHS has never broken even since it's creation).
-Steel (racked up massive debt once other countries went to China).
-Coal (Actually had miners in wales using pickaxes into the sixties! as well as; massive debt because it wasn't breaking even. The Taxpayer literally propping up these industries as a form of pretending to work on welfare).
-Social Housing (Rent control. There's tons of data on the chronic housing shortages this leads too.)

I suspect the only obvious one would have been nationalising the rails and we know how that went as a backlash to the aforementioned socialist policies!

It's funny how people would rather shit sling against the left or the right rather then looking at the data on the horrendous effects the policies they champion have had on people's lives *Cough* Labour Manifesto 2019 *Cough*. Inflation starves and kills just as much as a bereft handicapped man who's had his benefits cut.