Monday, 6 May 2019

Bible-bashing Tim thinks it's acceptable to accuse others of what you're guilty of yourself

The May Bank Holiday Weekend hasn't just witnessed the finale of World Snooker Championships, it's also seen a concerted effort by the neoliberal establishment class to gaslight the nation with barrages of absolute nonsense.

First we had the mainstream media campaign to paint Labour's net loss of 84 council seats in the local elections (almost margin of error stuff when they were defending over 2,200) as if it were equally as bad as the Tories losing 1,330 council seats in by far their worst local election performance since 1995.

You're selling your car for £1,330 are you? Well I'll give you £84 pounds for it and you'll be happy because the guy from the BBC told us that the two numbers are identical!

Then we had Esther McVey's absurd Daily Express article claiming that the Tory party is the natural home of the working classes!

The billionaire bankrolled party that brought us a decade of austerity and wage repression, in-work social security cuts for the working poor, an explosion of exploitative, insecure, low-pay Zero Hours type jobs, unlawful Tribunal Fees designed to protect bad bosses from being taken to work by their abused workers, and a massive rise in the number of children growing up in dire poverty despite living in working households ... all while they lavished handouts and tax-giveaways on bankers, corporations, and the mega-rich!

Well they certainly sound like the natural party of the working class don't they?

And now we've got the former Lib-Dem leader and celebrity homophobe Tim Farron accusing Jeremy Corbyn of being an austerity enabler!

Farron wilfully participated in the ruinous 2010-2015 austerity government that trashed our wages and living standards, gutted community cohesion, vandalised the social safety net, deliberately under-funded our public services, and implemented devastating hard-right austerity fanaticism in almost every aspect of British life.

The Tory austerity fanaticism that Tim and his Lib-Dem mates enabled caused a significant collapse in living standards which resulted in the massive tide of public anger that drove Brexit marginally over the winning line in the 2016 EU referendum.

But instead of own his mistake and admit his culpability in this disaster, like any decent Christian should, he's actually trying to apportion blame for his own crimes onto one of the tiny minority of MPs who refused to ever jump aboard the Tory austerity bandwagon that he spent five years upon.

The reason that Corbyn won the Labour leadership in 2015, and again in 2016, was that he was the only candidate who had clean hands and a demonstrable voting record of opposing hard-right Tory fanaticism.

To see Tim Farron publicly accusing Corbyn of being an austerity-enabler just goes to prove that there's no depths to which these right-wing neoliberal austerity fanatics won't plumb in order to sow confusion and disorder.

Furthermore he accused Corbyn of enabling Tory Brexit, when he's the guy who missed a crucial knife-edge Brexit vote in order to swan off to Sherborne in Dorset to give a speech about how much he hates the idea of gay equality!

Farron, McVey, and the majority of the orthodox neoliberal Wesminster bubble aren't talking this absolute rubbish because they believe it, they know it's nonsense, they know most of us know that it's nonsense.

They just want to drive us to despair, to make us so sick and tired of the idiocy that we stop paying attention and thinking about politics because it's so relentlessly infuriating, because they know that if the debate is ever allowed to settle on policies, ideas, and good faith analysis, then most voters would end up turning away from the Tories and Lib-Dems to support anti-austerity anti-privatisation parties like Labour, the Greens, Plaid Cymru, and (to a lesser extent) the SNP.

So that's why they pollute the political discourse with such inanity and dishonesty, that's why they deliberately reverse reality, that's why they continually erode the actual meanings of words, that's why they accuse others of their own crimes against the economy, and that's why they constantly talk such infuriating fact-averse, reality-reversing nonsense.

They just want to make us so sick and tired of the whole political charade that we don't bother to think about who we vote for, or don't bother voting at all.

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Mr. Magoo said...

Labour loses 84 of its 2,105 councilors, a loss of 4%. The Tories lose 1,330 of their 4,894 councilors, a loss of 27%. How the heck are these results worth equal media criticism?!


Unknown said...

I think the point is labour were expected to mop up lots of those losses but didn't and actually lost seats. Perhaps not as bad, but that is the point and I suspect lots of people who say otherwise are just being obtuse.

Anonymous said...

Man, the Lib Dems did really well in the locals didnt they? Way better then Labour.

Unknown said...

Yes they did relatively. They made the gains labour were expected to make. But didn't. Which is sort of the point.

Mr. Magoo said...

I don't understand why so many people voted in these elections based on how they feel about Brexit when local councils have noting to do with the EU. Although, it is quite easy to understand why the majority voted based on national issues instead of local ones, seeing as how local politics isn't really reported much in local media. Voter turnout in these elections must have only been around 36%, anyway.

Anonymous said...

The current Tory government is probably the most hopeless and useless in History. Mrs May is probably the most useless and ineffective Prime Minister we have had - and doesn't have the support of her own parliamentary party let alone the country.

.... and then the even more useless and ineffective Labour Party lost seats to them in the Council elections!

On a previous thread, I wrote that both parties would pay for their mendacity, subterfuge and disrespect for the democratic process - and they have.

I also wrote that a few hundred thousand loony left momentum members do not represent the values of the the traditional Labour voter. QED.

The EU Parliament vote comes next and I think we probably all know that the result of all of the above is that Fargage and the Brexit Party will now probably take the biggest share of the vote. I saw a prediction of 35% over the weekend.

Well played the Tories and Labour! They have guaranteed the country will be in turmoil for years to come.

All because they didn't do what they said they were going to do - they have not respected the outcome of the referendum and are now paying the price.

They have had their fun playing their parliamentary and party games in Westminster and have then come out into the light to be judge - and the reality has hit them.

Doubtless, we will now see an unholy coalition of two party leaders, neither of whom have the support of even their own MPs, desperately trying to cobble something together in a final act of betrayal to try to thwart the outcome of the referendum and before they are both ditched by their parties.

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Romartus said...

I don't recall Tim Farron actually holding any ministerial post in the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition. He supported the coalition as being an MP for the Liberal Democrats. Regards the comments, they are nonsensical - I agree with that.

Unknown said...

Its funny how you conclude that the result is due to a failure to deliver Brexit when the main "winners" were parties with a remain policy.

Anonymous said...

At 07.12 above, you wrote .... "Its funny how you conclude that the result is due to a failure to deliver Brexit"

... I would be fascinated to hear your alternative explanation for our two major parties total share of the vote dropping to 56%!

... can't wait!!!!

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