Saturday 24 November 2018

The Tory 'war on women'

In 2017 House of Commons researchers demonstrated that an appalling 86% of the economic burden of Tory austerity has been loaded onto the shoulders of women.

The people who have suffered the worst consequences of Tory austerity dogma have been low-paid and part-time workers (mainly female) and single parents (overwhelmingly female), while the people who have done by far the best out of the austerity years are the (mainly male) mega-rich who have have literally doubled their wealth.

Once it became absolutely clear that Tory economic policy was highly discriminatory against women, the Tories were left with a very simple choice; do something to reverse the discrimination inherent in their economic agenda, or carry on with the exact same sexist policies and prove beyond doubt that they are a bunch of misogynists who wholeheartedly believe in trampling down low-income women while they shovel tax breaks and handouts at the mega-rich.

It was always obvious which direction the Tories would choose given that they're completely bankrolled by the mega-rich.

Despite their constant identity politics game-playing over the fact that Theresa May is a woman, the Tory party were never actually going to lift a finger to help the poor and ordinary women they've been misogynistically grinding into destitution.

So the fact that the Tories' latest budget is yet another ideologically driven assault on the economic well-being of low income women and single parents is completely unsurprising.

Neither is their complacency. The Tories know that their chums in the mainstream media won't bother to highlight the evidence that their economic policies continue to be profoundly misogynistic, just as most of the mainstream media have given them countless easy rides in the past over the constant stream of court defeats for their malicious welfare and employment legislation, the two damning UN reports into their systematic abuse of disabled people and their ruinous austerity agenda, and the fact that despite all of the economic misery they've inflicted on our people, and on our communities, they've continually missed their deficit reduction targets by miles.

Literally the only newspaper to have picked up on the IPPR evidence of the Tories' ongoing assault on low-income women and single parents is the Guardian. The rest of the media have simply ignored it as if the UK government continuing to wage a profoundly sexist economic war on women is an entirely unremarkable facet of British life!

The Tories know perfectly well that their austerity agenda is profoundly misogynistic, they know that targeting the bulk of their cuts at low-income workers and single parents is inherently sexist, yet they continue to do it because of their unwavering confidence that their mates in the mainstream media will draw as little attention to it as possible when this kind of institutional sexism should actually be a massive national scandal.

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