Friday 2 December 2016

The hypocrisy of the Daily Mail knows no bounds

The hypocrisy of the Daily Mail clearly knows no bounds.

On December the 2nd 2016 the Daily Mail front page included a fond farewell to the actor Andrew Sachs who played Manuel in the 1970s comedy show Fawlty Towers.

Andreas Siegfied "Andrew" Sachs was born in Berlin in 1930 and arrived in Britain with his parents in 1938 as a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany.

Back in the 1930s the Daily Mail was actively cheerleading for Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. They also supported Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists and openly encouraged their readers to join the fascist movement in the UK.

In 1938, in the year of Andrew Sach's arrival in the UK as a child refugee, the Daily Mail ran an editorial whining about the way Jewish refugees were "pouring" into the UK and describing the arrival of these refugees as "an outrage" (see image).

If the Daily Mail would have had their way in the 1930s the eight year old Andrew Sachs would have been sent back to Nazi Germany to be persecuted and eventually exterminated in a Nazi concentration camp.

The hypocrisy of celebrating the life and career of a guy their own newspaper would have condemned to death is staggeringly hypocritical, even by the Daily Mail's woeful standards.

The most sickening thing about this utter hypocrisy from the Daily Mail is that they're still pushing exactly the same kind of disgusting anti-refugee propaganda as the 1930s, just the targets these days are refugees from the appalling Syrian civil war, not Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.

One of the most extraordinary things about this Daily Mail front page is that they actually juxtaposed their fond farewell to the German born migrant Andrew Sachs against a front page headline whining about the current levels of migration into the UK!

Not only did the Daily Mail have the brass neck to celebrate the acting career of a guy their newspaper would have condemned to death in the Nazi concentration camps, they were also blatantly playing the game of using glaringly incompatible front page headlines to ridicule the idiocy of their own readers again.

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