Saturday 17 December 2016

Labour are their own worst enemies

Whenever Labour lose the occasional council by-election the New Labour wrecking mob trigger a massive tide of negative media coverage with their anti-Corbyn whinging.

This week the Tories lost all four of the council seats they were defending. Instead of infighting and bitching on Twitter the Tories held ranks and didn't mouth off at all about their humiliatingly poor performance. Consequently the mainstream media said virtually nothing about this woeful quadruple wipe-out!

The New Labour wrecking mob

To give a specific example of the New Labour wrecking mob kicking off a highly destructive media stink over a by-election result, consider the absurdly destructive reaction by the Anyone But Corbyn camp to the loss of the Mosborough ward in Sheffield on September 8th 2016.

The New Labour faction made a huge song-and-dance of blaming Corbyn for the loss, whilst steadfastly failing to acknowledge that the candidate had vehement anti-Corbyn views. Another important bit of context the fuming anti-Corbyn mob failed to mention was that unlike the local winning Lib-Dem candidate, the anti-Corbyn Labour candidate lived miles outside the ward on the other side of the city!

It's hardly Corbyn's fault that the anti-Corbyn lot put up such a woeful candidate, yet the New Labour wrecking mob publicly lambasted him for it regardless.

Tory loyalty in the face of difficulties

Contrast the storm of negative Labour publicity in reaction to each by-election loss to the Tory reaction to losing all four of the local council seats they were defending in the December 15th by-elections.

Hardly a mutter of complaint from the lot of them.

Despite the undeniably woeful performance, even Theresa May's critics within the Tory party remained studiously tight-lipped and loyal to her chaotic and autocratic leadership. Thus there was no tide of critical mainstream media articles bludgeoning Theresa May for the quadruple by-election wipe-out.

Negative publicity storms

There was no storm of mainstream media articles and social media coverage hammering the Tories for this noteworthy quadruple by-election wipe-out for three main reasons. Firstly because the mainstream media are demonstrably biased against Jeremy Corbyn to begin with; secondly because there was hardly any internal Tory dissent for the media to pick up on; and thirdly because Labour abjectly failed to capitalise on the potentially headline grabbing quadruple Tory wipe-out.

Even more incredible than Labour's failure to capitalise on this dramatic Tory by-election capitulation, the Labour List website actually published an article damning the slight statistical fall in Labour's vote share across the seven by-elections contested (even though they held the one seat they were defending)d.

The actual result on the night was that Labour held the one seat they were defending and the Tories lost all four of theirs, but instead of pointing out the signs of Tory weakness at the local level, people within the Labour Party actually saw fit to slam the Labour leadership for an almost meaningless statistical percentage fall in the Labour vote!

Ungovernable and unfit to govern

This kind of introspective and highly damaging criticism within the Labour ranks is utterly absurd and highlights the unworkable position Jeremy Corbyn finds himself repeatedly trapped in. 

Corbyn and his team end up having to fire-fight the internal damage caused by people within the Labour Party so often that they end up distracted from focusing their criticism on Theresa May's woeful trail of incompetence and dictatorial authoritarianism.

The absurdly self-destructive whinging from the Anyone But Corbyn camp not only produces appalling negative publicity for the Labour Party leadership when it's Theresa May who should be under scrutiny, but it also reinforces the idea that the Labour Party is essentially ungovernable, and consequently unfit to govern the country.

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