Saturday 3 December 2016

The cost of Tory malice

For the last six years the Tories have harked on endlessly about the need to save money to justify their austerity con, but when it comes to the treatment of vulnerable people they've proven themselves perfectly happy to waste hundreds of millions of pounds on schemes designed to force vulnerable people into destitution, anxiety, stress and depression.

The Tories have wheeled out their "saving money" rhetoric to justify all kinds of socially and economically ruinous lunacy like the forced closure of NHS services all over the country, massive cuts to police, military and emergency services budgets, the scrapping of university maintenance grants and NHS bursaries, savage local council cuts, the annihilation of flood defence spending, abandoned and delayed infrastructure projects, and severe cuts to wages and to in-work benefits for the working poor.

But there are now two glaring examples of the Tory government actively wasting money in order to pursue their malicious ideological vendetta against people they consider to be way below them on the social pecking order.

Disability denial factories

It's been known for almost a year that the cost of the Tory policy of putting disabled people through humiliating Work Capacity Assessments far outweighs the savings from reduced disability benefits claims. Ever since the cost to the taxpayer of this regime was revealed the Tory government has been absolutely determined to carry on wasting money in this way.

Given that the WCA reign of terror for disabled people costs far more in corporate outsourcing fees than it will ever save in reduced benefits payments, it would make sense for a government that actually cares about saving money to abandon the policy, but the Tories absolutely refuse to.

The fact that the Tories absolutely will not scrap the appalling WCA reign of terror for disabled people even though it costs far more to administer than it will ever save is indicative of the disgusting Tory mentality.

The Tories are so desperate to strip disability benefits claimants of their social security that they don't give a damn that the corporate disability denial factories they've outsourced the work to cost the taxpayer way more money to administer than the money saved.

The sanctions regime
In November 2016 it was revealed that the savage benefits sanctions regime is another Tory welfare policy that costs far more to administer than it saves in reduced social security payments.

The Tory response to the slew of criticism of their sanctions regime was to spout a load of blatant lies and express their intention to carry on regardless of the money they're wasting in order to ruin people's lives.

It clearly doesn't matter to the Tories how much taxpayers' money they waste on their programme to condemn people to absolute destitution. They consider their policy of forcing people into starvation and homelessness to be a brilliant investment that's worth every penny of the tens of millions of pounds per year it costs the taxpayer.

It's absolutely clear that the Tories are so intent on humiliating disabled people and condemning benefits claimants to absolute destitution that they're actually prepared to waste hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayer's money to do these horrific things.

As far as the Tories are concerned these schemes to humiliate and impoverish vulnerable people are money well spent.

Mainstream media complicity

Unfortunately the majority of mainstream media commentators don't give a damn about the fact that these outrageously malicious Tory schemes actually cost the taxpayer money. Most of them are apparently way too busy whining about immigrants, propagandising against Jeremy Corbyn, fawning over Theresa May and abusing judges to care.

These schemes ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year. The decisions to put people through these appalling situations are often staggeringly unfair. Consider the ridiculously harsh reasons people have been hit with benefits sanctions or the fact that one of the disability denial decision makers was a bigoted Britain First fanatic who gleefully used her position to discriminate against disabled people from ethnic minorities.

If the mainstream press wanted to stick up for people who have had their lives absolutely devastated by these appalling Tory schemes, there are easily enough cases for them to run front page headlines every day, but they chose not to because most comfortably well-off mainstream media hacks simply don't care about the fact that "the lower orders" have to endure the taxpayer subsidised Orwellian nightmares of disability denial assessments and the sanctions regime. They're comfortable in their bubbles of privilege and they wouldn't want to rock the boat by incurring the wrath of savagely right-wing press barons like Rupert Murdoch, the Barclay brothers, Richard Desmond and Jonathan Harmsworth by daring to criticise the Tory government.
The vast majority of the mainstream media won't explain what's going on which means that it's up to people like us to spread the word.

Not only are the Tories guilty of the savage mistreatment of disabled people and the unemployed, they're also guilty of wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers' money to administer these utterly barbaric schemes.

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