Saturday 20 August 2016

There would be no game of chess if the pawns refused to play

It's worrying how many people are so simple-minded that they actually swallow the right-wing propaganda that people like immigrants and the unemployed are to blame for societies woes, rather than the wealthy establishment class who are actually running the country.

There is clearly some psychology at play in people's willingness to accept the ridiculous right-wing propaganda that poor and powerless people at the bottom of the pile are to blame, rather than wealthy and powerful people at the top.

Many people prefer to kick downwards at people they perceive to be below them in the social pecking order because it makes them feel superior. By blaming powerless people at the bottom of society they can self-righteously crown themselves as a morally superior taxpayer who is being exploited by a disgusting contempt-worthy underclass.

The reality is that the vast majority of social and economic problems are created by an insulated and unaccountable establishment cabal who are far too busy serving their own interests (and the interests of the billionaire tax-dodging class who bankroll them) to give a damn about the impact of their policies on the lives of ordinary plebs. To accept this reality means that people have to admit to themselves that they're dupes; that they're essentially pawns in someone else's game of chess.

It's obviously a lot easier for people to adopt the self image of a morally superior taxpayer who is being exploited by a disgusting underclass than it is for them to accept the reality that they are actually part of an underclass that is being exploited and manipulated by a self-serving and seemingly untouchable establishment cabal above them.

In reality the furious right-wing indoctrinated blowhard who has been riled up into directing their anger at other pawns in the establishment game of chess has far more in common with the unemployed people, the sick and disabled and the immigrants that he has been programmed to hate than he does with the super-rich establishment class who don't give a damn about how their obsession with hard-right economic dogma and their self-serving behaviour impacts the lives of pawns like him. 

The whole modus operandi of the establishment class is to create divisions between the "lower orders" in order to keep the pawns fighting between themselves rather than joining together in solidarity to overthrow them and put an end to their game.

At a time when people should be rising up in solidarity against the rotten establishment, the reckless bankers, the corrupt politicians and the greedy corporate fat cats, the easily-led point the finger of blame at those they perceive to be below them on the social ladder - the unemployed, the underpaid, immigrants, sick and disabled people and the young.

It's only when the individual accepts their true position in society that they can begin rebelling against it. Once people realise that they are being treated like disposable pawns in someone else's game of chess that they can begin refusing to move in the direction the Westminster establishment club and their chums in the mainstream press demand that they do.

Those who allow themselves to be manipulated by the incessant propaganda that directs them to focus their anger on their fellow pawns are destined to forever continue living their lives as a powerless and easily manipulated underclass.

On the other hand, the people who accept the fact that they are being treated like pawns in an establishment game of chess at least have the capacity to rebel against the game, to refuse to play by the rules and to demand actual change.

Whether the rebellion against the establishment game can be successful depends on the number of people who are willing to accept the reality that they're being treated like disposable pawns and fight back against it. There would be no game of chess if the pawns refused to play.

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