Thursday 4 August 2016

The Labour Party edict banning the word "Blairite"

It has been reported that the Labour Party establishment have decided to ban Labour Party members from using the word "Blairite" under threat of being barred from voting in the upcoming leadership election.

According to a report on the Croydon Today website the word "Blairite" has been added to "the list of proscribed words, apparently provided by Labour HQ which was read out to a meeting of party members in Croydon last week".

We already know that just like they did in 2015, minions at Labour Party HQ are busy trawling the social media accounts of people who signed up to vote in the Labour Leadership election in search of "thought crime" such as previous support for the Green Party*, so it will be no surprise if they start weeding out anyone who has ever referred to the likes of Peter Mandelson, Ian Austin, John McTernan, Hillary Benn, Tristram Hunt and other Labour right-wingers as what they are: "Blairites".

Interestingly the edict from Labour Party HQ hasn't banned Labour right-wingers from using slanderous, misleading and downright abusive terms like "trots", "infiltrators", "extremists", "thugs", "dogs", "brick-lobbers", "quasi-Marxists", "entryists", "cultists", "communists" and "bullies" to describe the 300,000+ new members from all ages, areas and demographic groups attracted to the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn burst onto the scene in the summer of 2015.

As far as the Labour Party establishment are concerned it's perfectly fine for Labour right-wingers to severely damage the reputation of the party by referring to hundreds of thousands of their own party members with vicious and inaccurate slurs, yet anyone who refers to Tony Blair acolytes as the "Blairites" that they actually are has committed such a severe crime that they could be stripped of their right to vote in the leadership election!

I'm not, and never have been a Labour Party member so I'm not afraid of saying what I see. The right-wing Labour coup-plotters like Hillary Benn, Tristram Hunt, Will Straw, John McTernan and their ilk are a bunch of Blairites doing their master's bidding. 

Tony Blair clearly explained that he'd rather the Tories win the next General Election than allow Jeremy Corbyn to have a chance of success, and the coup-plotters are behaving exactly like brainwashed members of a cult by committing mass suicide because their demagogue has demanded of them. They would rather destroy the Labour Party and their own political careers in the process than go against the will of their leader.

In trying to bully Jeremy Corbyn into resignation so that they didn't have to fight him in a leadership election, making sinister anonymous threats to split the party or to paralyse it with one leadership challenge after another, they're clearly acting like bullies.

It's pretty obvious to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of British politics that the Blairites are the "entryists" who took over a left-wing political party and switched it to the promotion of Rupert Murdoch approved Thatcherism (driving away 5 million Labour voters between 1997 and 2010 in the process).

It's remarkable how so many of the terms of abuse that the Labour right-wingers hurl at Jeremy Corbyn supporters ("bullies", "infiltrators", "cultists", "entryists") are so much more applicable to themselves than the victims of their slurs, but that's how psychological bullies operate. They project their own disgusting character traits onto their victims, and then continually blame their victims for the abuse they subject them to. 

I can say what I like because these bullies can't punish me for expressing my opinions. If you are a Labour Party member or supporter who wants to vote for Jeremy Corbyn it's a different story. You should be very careful to moderate your language to comply with the demands of the Labour Party thought police. Their decision to expel some 130,000 Labour Party members from voting in the leadership election and their complete lockdown on local party democracy are very clear indicators that the Blairite riddled Labour Party establishment are terrified of democracy and will go to extraordinary lengths to deny ordinary Labour Party members their right to vote. 

This abject fear of democracy and free speech, and their desperate efforts to rig the leadership election in favour of their Anyone But Corbyn candidate is a perfect illustration of why it is so important for Labour Party members to ensure that these people don't get to take over the Labour Party again.

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* = One would have thought that attracting supporters and members from other political parties would have been a core objective of any party intent on increasing their share of the vote, but it appears that the only supporters of other parties the Blairites are intent on attracting are Tories!

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