Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Why Donald Trump is such a threat to civilisation

Donald Trump is clearly a highly unstable individual who terrifies anybody with the few braincells necessary to spot a power-crazed wannabe fascist demagogue. His outrageously ill-conceived proposals to ban all Muslims from entering the US are about as fascist as it's possible to be. Just imagine if such a threat was made against Jews by a leading political candidate!

The factor that makes Donald Trump such a threat to civilisation isn't that he's a crackpot with a tendency for blurting out fascist policies then refusing to back down because his ego can't tolerate him ever admitting that he was wrong. The factor that makes Donald Trump such a threat to civilisation is the self-interest of the Republican Party.

Trump's proposals to impose religious tests on immigrants and to ban Muslim American citizens from returning to the US are so extreme and so unconstitutional that he should obviously be thrown out of the Republican Party. He's even refusing to make exemptions to his ban on Muslims entering the US for US Muslim soldiers and intelligence officers who have been risking their lives serving overseas! How anyone in the Republican Party can accept such extremist nonsense is pretty baffling on the face of it.

The problem for Republicans is that they know that if they do throw Donald Trump out of the party he's going to stand as an independent presidential candidate and split the right-wing vote, which would almost certainly mean a huge win for whoever the Democrats put forward.

Even if Trump isn't thrown out of the party now, he's far too egotistical to go quietly if he doesn't win the nomination. If the less extremist Republicans all band together to support a candidate who doesn't promote outright fascism, then Trump is still likely to strop off in a huff, stand as an independent and split the Republican vote anyway.

This means that the debate for Republicans is about which is is the worst scenario. Donald Trump using their party to usher in the era of overt American fascism, or an easy win for the Democrats.

Judging by the fact that Trump hasn't been expelled from the Republican Party for his extremist ranting suggests that Republicans actually prefer the idea of their party being used as a vehicle for the promotion of outright fascism than the idea of a win for whoever the Democratic select as their candidate!

We all know that right-wing politics is all about the promotion of self-interest above community interests, after all there was "no such thing as society" according to Margaret Thatcher as she wreaked industrial destruction, mass unemployment and life destroying poverty on communities right across the UK in the 1980s. The problem is that the price of Republicans putting their own self-interest first at this juncture is allowing the rise of a wannabe fascist demagogue, and the ushering in of the era of overt American fascism.

It seems that Republicans would actually rather that happen than lose their third consecutive election to the Democrats though!

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