Wednesday 6 May 2015

Please help me to deliver my letter to potential Tory voters

I have written this letter to try to reach out to potential Tory voters and tell them a few things that the mainstream media have studiously avoided telling them.

You can help me to deliver this message to potential Tory voters by following the two very simple steps.

1. Click on this special link (which shows you which of your friends/acquaintances/family members/work colleagues have liked the Tory party Facebook page).
2. Copy this link to the letter ( ) and paste it onto their Facebook walls with a polite request that they read it. Alternatively you could send it to them in a private message if you don't want to embarrass them by posting politics stuff directly onto their public profile.
You can also help to raise awareness of this letter by sharing it with people who you know are potential Tory voters, but haven't liked the Tory party Facebook page. If you copy the letter  you can share it with them on Facebook, other social media sites or via email.

It would be especially useful if you could share the letter with people who are not regular users of social media sites. These people are much less likely to have come across alternative perspectives like the ones I try to present in my letter.

One other way you can help is by sharing the letter to my letter
 in chatrooms and asking people what they think of it. If you're going to do this please consider carefully where you're going to share it because most chatrooms have specific groups for stuff like "general discussion" or "politics". 

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