Monday, 14 August 2017

Jess Phillips' bid to become literally the worst Labour Party troll

A little over a year ago Jess Phillips' Labour Party colleague Jo Cox was brutally stabbed and shot to death in the street by an extreme-right fanatic.

Another of Jess Phillips' Labour Party colleagues Luciana Berger has suffered a tide of outrageous anti-Semitic abuse and death threats for which three extreme-right fanatics have been jailed.

Another of Jess Phillips' Labour Party colleagues Diane Abbott suffered a massive surge of sexist and racist abuse from right-wingers during the General Election.

But who does Jess Phillips describe as "literally the worst" when it comes to sexism?

Left-wing men!

Not only is Phillips willing to overlook the actual killing of a Labour Party MP in order to spew her hatred towards a hefty chunk of Labour Party voters, she's also staggeringly hypocritical about it too.

Being abusive towards a diverse demographic like "left-wing men" is absolutely outrageous from a so-called equality champion. 

Sure some left-wing men have sexist attitudes (rendering them idiots because equality of opportunity no matter your sex, age, ethnicity or creed is one of the bedrocks of left-wing politics), but to generalise about all left-wing men as "literally the worst" in light of the absolute tide of sexist and bigoted abuse coming from the right is unbelievable stuff from someone who poses as an equality champion and a campaigner against political abuse.

Just imagine if someone used such incredibly tenuous reasoning to generalise that self-styled centrist women are "literally the worst" at politics. 

The likes of Jess Phillips would be spewing outrage in moments over such a crass generalisation wouldn't they?But they're apparently free to make crass generalisations of their own.

Phillips went on to generalise that when left-wing men "close their eyes at night and think of amazing people who have changed the world, it’s always some white dude that pops into their head".
Just imagine the outrage she would spew if anyone deigned to generalise about the sexist thoughts that all feminists have at night.

Justifiable outrage.

Phillips' so-called reasoning for launching yet another divisive and damaging attack on the Labour left is just as bad as her hypocrisy. She argued that sometimes men have objected to all-women shortlists and the like as justification for giving right-wing hacks at the Daily Telegraph yet another anti-Labour attack line by tarring all left-wing men as "literally the worst".

In her worldview it's as if working class communities objecting to the exclusion of several popular local candidates in order to parachute in a privately educated elitist candidate with absolutely no connection to the region whatever just because she's female (the Blairite special adviser Anna Turley being handed the Labour safe seat of Redcar for example) is somehow worse than right-wing fanatics sending anti-Semetic and racist abuse to female MPs, making death threats and rape threats, and even murdering female Labour Party politicians in the street!

The problem for Jess Phillips is that her rhetoric just doesn't stack up. She bases her claims that left-wing men are "literally the worst" on the fact that they sometimes object to all-female shortlists, but she must understand that the consequence of her constant trolling of her own party is to turn people away in droves.

Revulsion at the constant divisive backstabbing from Jess Phillips and her ilk will mean fewer female Labour MPs in parliament than there could have been without the deliberate wrecking tactics, and fewer female MPs overall as a consequence (because at 45% Labour have by far the best gender balance of any party with more than one MP).

Jess Phillips is so intent on continuing her strategy of internal party wrecking that she's demonstrably willing to sacrifice future female MPs at the next general election because she'd rather see future female Labour MPs lose to the Tories (just 21% of Tory MPs are women) than a left-wing man like Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister.

It's a wonder how on earth Jess Phillips ended up in the Labour Party at all if she's so filled with hatred and revulsion at left-wing men. Well it isn't really. Phillips must have known that Labour have the best gender balance of any party so it's impossible to avoid imagining that she decided that spending time with all the left-wing men she so clearly hates and despises was worth it because it was the best choice for her political career given that she'd be half as likely to make it as an MP in the male dominated Tory party.

Aside from driving people away from Labour with her divisive generalisations and constant attacks on the party leadership, Phillips is also doing something else. The kind of elitist identity-politics fixated feminism espoused by Phillips, Harriet Harman and Theresa May is exactly the kind of thing that drives people away from feminism too.

All three of these women supported more brutal Tory austerity measures (which impact poor and ordinary women a lot harder than poor and ordinary men). 

Theresa May has actively voted in favour of sexist austerity dogma time and again, and as temporary Labour leader Harriet Harman whipped her MPs into letting the savage Tory welfare bill pass by abstaining, which Jess Phillips dutifully went along with while over two dozen male Labour MPs (like Jeremy Corbyn, Sadiq Khan, Dennis Skinner and Richard Burgon) outright defied Harriet Harman's instructions to support sexist Tory austerity through political inaction, and voted against the bill.

The reason these women willingly trampled on millions of women from less privileged backgrounds by supporting the Tory policy of loading the financial burden of the bankers' crisis onto women's shoulders is that their elitist version of feminism is fixated on stuff like the percentage of women who are chairs of parliamentary select committees, the number of female FTSE100 directors, or the pay rates of millionaires at the BBC, not on helping women in the most need first.

Of course Phillips and her supporters will try to play sub-juvenile identity politics by saying that as a left-wing male I'm somehow proving her point by objecting to her divisive trolling and criticising her elitist version of feminism that allows her to trample on women from less privileged backgrounds while playing the victim herself. 

They'll pretend that pointing out that someone is talking hypocritical self-defeating crap is somehow worse than the tsunami of sexist and racist abuse Diane Abbott suffered during the 2017 General Election, or the constant stream of death threats and rape threats against women in politics from right-wingers, or the actual murder of a Labour Party MP by an extreme-right fanatic, but people who are motivated by hate (of genuine socialists, or men) tend to make extremely poor arguments.

The fact that Phillips and her ilk have already resorted to this tried and tested cry-bully tactic (sling abuse at a large cohort of people and then cry victim when any of them have the temerity to defend themselves or argue back) just goes to show what appalling trolls they are.

Now that the outrageously abusive troll Tom Blenkinsop has quit the party (deliberately salting his once safe Labour constituency on his way out so that it fell to the Tories) Jess Phillips has to be considered one of the prime contenders for absolute worst troll in the Parliamentary Labour Party, although she has stiff competition from men like Wes Streeting, Chris Leslie and Ian Austin.

It would be a victory of sorts for Jess Phillips' crap identity politics fixated version of feminism if she could snatch the title of "literally the worst troll in the Parliamentary Labour Party" off the men who have completely dominated the role over the years. 

By continually attacking her fellow Labour Party members, discrediting herself, discrediting the party and expending way more effort on attacking the party leadership instead of the Tories and their sexist austerity dogma, she's definitely putting up a heck of a fight to be recognised as Labour's worst troll.

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Right-wing Labour MPs are making fools of themselves on Twitter

Right-wing Labour MPs are so determined to attack the genuine democratic socialists in the Labour Party that they're making absolute fools of themselves on Twitter.

Anyone would have thought that the 2017 election result would have given Corbyn-sceptic orthodox neoliberal Labour MPs a reason to reconsider their right-wing views and unite behind the party leadership. 

Corbyn reversed two decades of Labour Party decline by becoming the first Labour leader to actually gain parliamentary seats since 1997 by securing the biggest increase in the Labour share of the vote since Clement Attlee in 1945.

If Corbyn could achieve this turnaround in Labour Party fortunes with a bitterly divided party full of right-wing backstabbing MPs who hate Jeremy Corbyn with as much passion as they hate his idea of democratising the Labour Party to give ordinary members more say, then what could he achieve with a more united party?

That was the question an awful lot of Labour members and supporters have been thinking about since the election results came in, but obviously not the right-wing Labour MPs themselves.

For them the election result was an absolute disaster because it ruined their chances of launching yet another destructive coup against Jeremy Corbyn. So they're now fixated on a different question:

What can we do now to inflict as much damage as possible on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership?

the Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell decided to damage the Labour Party publicly attack Momentum and the Labour MP Chris Williamson for supposedly setting up a Momentum campaign in another MPs constituency without consulting them.

Unfortunately for Powell her attack backfired spectacularly when it turned out the new Momentum group was actually being set up in the Middlesbrough South and Cleveland East constituency that was one of just six Labour losses during the 2017 election, not Anna Turley's constituency in Redcar. 

This constituency was lost because of the obnoxious behaviour of the fanatically right-wing and rabidly anti-Corbyn local MP Tom Blenkinsop, who salted the constituency by turning the locals against the Labour Party then quit as an MP because he knew he was facing the humiliation of a thumping defeat in the once safe Labour seat he was parachuted into.

The Momentum group was being set up to help Tracy Harvey who worked hard to undo the damage inflicted by Blenkinsop's ridiculously divisive tantrums, but fell short of retaining the seat against the odds by just over 1,000 votes after UKIP stood down in order to help the Tories win the seat.

Apparently, according to Lucy Powell, Momentum and the Labour left are wrong to try to win back a seat lost to Tory-UKIP collusion due to the dismal antics of an abusive Blairite MP!

What's even worse than the idiocy of her criticism is the fact that the sanctimonious pillock even had the lack of self awareness to lecture the fellow Labour Party members she was publicly and inaccurately lambasting about the need to "unite to fight the Tories"!

This is a woman who participated in the spectacularly failed Anyone But Corbyn coup lecturing other people about party unity!

Then there's the behaviour of Anna Turley herself, the right-wing privately educated Blairite MP who was parachuted into the Labour safe seat of Redcar (and who better to represent a poverty stricken, working class, steel industry dominated northern town like Redcar than a privately educated right-winger parachuted in from London against the will of the local Labour Party eh?)

Having witnessed Powell make such a fool of herself on Twitter over the weekend you would have thought Turley would at least be a bit careful about her own Twitter utterances. 

But no. She was so desperate to wade into the debate and attack the Labour Party left that she fell for a ridiculously obvious bit of Tory concern trolling.

Concern trolling is where a supporter of a rival group or party poses as a supporter in order to create divisions by expressing disingenuous concerns.

Turley decided to use the whole incident to promise a Twitter user called Eileen Robinson who claimed that she would abandon Labour and vote Tory for the first time in her life if there was a Momentum candidate in Redcar.

Turley was quick to promise Eileen that there would be no Momentum candidate but
the problem of course is that Eileen was a lying Tory concern troll who has used Twitter to praise the Tory party, attacked Labour and spread extreme-right nonsense for years, as anyone who could be bothered to check could have found out easily.

So instead of steering well clear of the divisive stink created by Powell, and definitely steering clear of the divisive antics of a glaringly obvious Tory concern troll, Turley decided to use the incident to attack the Labour Party left by making a promise to one of the worst and most dishonest people in Redcar.

The continued divisive behaviour of these Labour Party right-wingers just goes to show how frightened they are.

They know that Jeremy Corbyn is now within touching distance of an outright win, and they know that he's getting ever closer to achieving a mandate to democratise the Labour Party by allowing local party members to remove MPs who are corrupt, divisive, negligent, incompetent or fanatically right-wing.

The orthodox neoliberal Labour MPs who have been parachuted into Labour safe seats are absolutely terrified of Jeremy Corbyn's success because they're actually terrified of their own constituents unifying to demand a better candidate.

The grand irony is that the likes of Powell, Turley and other internal Labour Party wreckers like Wes Streeting is that the only strategy they can think of to try to avert re-selection for bad MPs is to continue with exactly the kind of bitter divisive feuding that makes it even more likely that their own Labour Party members would want to get rid of them.

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

61% of Brexiters would rather see the UK economy fail than give up Brexit

61% of Brexit supporters say that they consider significant economic damage to the UK economy to be "a price worth paying" for their beloved Brexit.

The YouGov poll on Brexit attitudes also revealed that amongst Brexiters over the age of 65 the proportion who are willing to see the British economy significantly damaged rises to 71%.

When asked whether they would see members of their own family thrown on the unemployment scrap heap as a price of Britain leaving the EU an astounding 50% of over-65s said yes!

This means that a clear majority of retirement age Leave supporters are Brexit Extremists who wish harm on the UK economy, meaning job losses for huge numbers of strangers. Half of them would also gladly see members of their own family lose their jobs and left at the mercy of the cruel, draconian and deeply discriminatory Tory benefits system!

Not only do these dreadful people want to strip the rest of us of our longstanding rights to live, work, travel and study in 31 other countries across Europe, they've also completely abandoned the pretence that Brexit was going to be great for the UK economy, and would actually like to see the UK economy slump into another recession, and hundreds of thousands of us lose our jobs. Just as long as they get their beloved Brexit.

Imagine what kind of person would be willing to see their own sons, daughters and grandchildren thrust into destitution in order to achieve some abstract political objective that they're unable to even explain the details of.

Just think about it. If government ministers are still bickering and squabbling over the details of Brexit, then how can some random pensioner possibly know enough about it to know it's worth condemning their younger family members and their dependent children into poverty to achieve it?

Just imagine being comfortably retired and wishing unemployment on your own family members in order to achieve some abstract political objective. 

Is it any wonder that younger generations consider the baby boomers to be the most selfish generation of all when so many of them would condemn their own family members to poverty for such intangible benefits to themselves?

These shocking poll results prove how difficult it is to change people's minds once they've been conned into believing in something.

Millions of Brexiters were sold the lie that Brexit would make us all better off to the tune of £350 million a week, and through wonderful quickfire trade deals with non-EU countries. They were told to dismiss any negative warnings as "project fear" propaganda and that Britain has had "enough of experts".

Now that the reality is starting to bite (the weak pound, soaring inflation, the worst GDP growth in the EU, the Brexit wage slump, recruitment crises in the NHS and agriculture, financial sector relocations back to the safety of the Single Market, the chaotic Tory approach to the Brexit negotiations ...) these people would rather pretend that they knew all along that they were voting to make us all poorer (including making their own relatives redundant) than to admit that they were gullible enough to fall for the Brexit con.

Aside from exposing the shockingly callous attitudes of millions of Brexit voters to the hardship and suffering of other people, including their own family members, these results prove that Mark Twain was absolutely right when he said that it's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

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