Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The self-awareness deficiency of the common British street thug

In case the news passed you by, the extreme-right hate preacher Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon) has been found guilty of contempt of court for ignoring court reporting restrictions, and risking the collapse of three interlinked child sex abuse prosecutions, despite having been previously warned to stop ignoring court orders.

Instead of taking it on the chin, admitting he screwed up, and accepting the judgement of the British rule of law, the treacherous little shit-weasel has resorted to attacking the most senior judge in the English and Welsh legal system as a "liar", and begging Donald Trump for political asylum in the United States!

The lack of self-awareness of this self-styled patriot is extraordinary.

His actions demonstrate that he doesn't actually love Britain or British institutions at all. He hates our justice system and our rule of law, and he seeks to flee the country entirely when things go against him.

There are of course a few problems with street thug Tommy's appeal for asylum in Trump's America. 

The main problem being that he's banned for life from the United States for fraudulently entering the country on a false passport.

Another glaring problem is that his convictions for violent assault and his public boasting about Class A drug use mean that he should definitely be refused entry at the border.

And then there's the sheer hypocrisy of it.

Just imagine the uproar Tommy and his rabble would make if a foreign hate preacher had been thrown out of Britain for life for entering on a fake passport, then cheekily put in an appeal for asylum to the British government to escape being jailed in their own country.

They'd be going absolutely ballistic about it.

But because it's their beloved street thug behaving in this extraordinary way, they're actually rallying around to support him, and repeating his pathetic sob stories about how being punished for his own unlawful behaviour makes him the poor innocent victim of political persecution.

Another problem for Yaxley-Lennon is what to do with all of his property he's invested in, using the donations from all of the absolute dupes who throw so much cash at him?

Surely if he flees Britain in order to evade justice, it must be possible to seize his property, which would provide an excellent opportunity to turn his luxuriant £1 million countryside mansion in Bedfordshire into a refugee hostel until he decides to come back from hiding and see out his sentence?

But the most glaring issue of all is the absolutely barefaced demonstration that Yaxley-Lennon is no patriot at all, to the point of hating and repeatedly undermining our judicial system, then begging a foreign leader to step in and rescue him from the consequences of his own unlawful actions.

This treacherous behaviour gets down to a deeper truth: Claims of patriotism from the modern extreme-right are an absolute fraud.

Theirs is an internationalist movement, in which they're far more likely to adore a misogynist bully like Trump, or an extreme-right harridan like Marine Le Pen, or a murderous extreme-right terrorists like the Christchurch mosque killer or the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, because of their shared political ideology, than they are to even tolerate and respect their fellow countrymen who happen not to share their extremist views.

The truth is that it's all about ideology to extreme-right agitators like Yaxley-Lennon, and the flags of the nations they happen to inhabit serve as nothing more than convenience to them. As visual bait to lure in the kind of mindless unthinking idiot who imagines that as long as it's wrapped itself in the national flag, then it unquestionably has to be a true patriot.

But even as Yaxley-Lennon trash-talks the British judicial system and begs to become a migrant in a foreign land to escape the consequences of his own actions, the hard-of-thinking will continue throwing their cash at him, because easily-duped idiots will always behave like easily-duped idiots.

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Radioh3d said...

It's about time this cowardly career-racist and self-promoting little shit got what was coming to him. He makes out he's some kind of defender of democracy and free speech and his legion of intolerant, union flag waving, clueless knuckle-draggers are too dim to see what a fake piss-taking wee prick he really is. Once the far-right dust has settled, he'll be gone and his neanderthalic fan base will be singing their 4 word Tommy songs for years to come, never knowing that what really just happened was a tiny conman fucked off with their money lol

Anonymous said...

Man, someone should tell the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5, Russia Today and Sky that it's illegal to film outside a courtroom during a case. Imagine how many cases theyve affected over the years this law has been in place.

Anonymous said...

He'll probably die in prison.

Anonymous said...

Not remotely the same. They don't threaten the whole court case collapsing. They report what the court allows them to report.

Anonymous said...

Really? How did he threaten the entire court case?

Unknown said...

Haha Tommy Robinson threaten the case by ignoring court orders and trying to film the accused. You can't genuinely not understand that. BBC etc filming outside the court is not the same

Unknown said...

Haha you must see the difference. Wept

Anonymous said...

Well, wouldn't filming outside a court include filming... the accused? The Beeb do that a lot.

So you're saying filming pedophiles going into a court can affect the case? How would it do that specifically? How would that affect victims?

Take your time.

Anonymous said...

Not really. They both film the accused. Please be specific, I'd hate to see you respond with insults because you cant justify the sentence.

Gloria Scott said...

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Anonymous said...

Trump should accept Tommy Robinson as a political refugee because:
A) Yaxley would likely die in prison.
B) filming outside a courtroom does not endanger a court case.
C) The judges have specifically changed the law to suit themselves and this situation.

Skelator said...

As per Leeds case, 2%Tommy Twatface caused a defendant to flee the country.. intentionally or not, that’s perverting the course of justice. As for survivors, ask them.. they’re pretty unanimous in saying Yaxley is a hindrance, only interested in his agenda, and his misogyny (& that of his support base) is not exactly a secret. Ask Rape Crisis charity. That took 2 minutes.. take all the time you need to digest it Anon.

Anonymous said...

Taken the time to digest this, His actions out side the court didnt cause a defendant to flee. Additionally hes taken no specific action according to UK law that prevented the accused or defendant from attending the trial which would be classed as contempt. Unless you've evidence. Which you've failed to provide. Listing how bad his character is or accusations of actions hes taken are really irrelevant to the conversation as its specifically trying to point out hes innocent of what the courts are accusing him off, not what hes done in the past. Do you understand how the law works? You need to provide evidence hes committed actual contempt of court on that day, if not you really are championing authoritarianism by Tory Government.

Take your time.

Tommy is a prick said...

Courts said 'Dont film or report on this case till its finished"


Tommy gets in trouble because he did what he was specifically told not to.


Anonymous said...

A) Good.
B) except it can affect the jury and lawyers can use it to cause mistrial and let people go free. So it does
C) can you prove that? It's quite a statement to make. I would love to see the legal documents changing the law in their favour. Do provide evidence too rather then resulting in insults. I would have to see you unable to justify this lie.

Anonymous said...

Wow, firstly let me praise the eloquence of your reply, you're scholar sir, a gentleman and if we met in real life I'm sure youd be just as direct and straight forward. Now to business!

Contempt of court is specifically defined by UK law as intimidating defendants or the prosecuted or making sure they cant testify.

How did Tommy Robinson do this by filming outside the court? How could that have affected the case? Simple question, I doubt anyone here can answer it.

Take your time x x

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, what evidence do you have that it's ever caused a mistrial? Can you explain specifically how standing outside a courtroom filming can cause a mistrial? No one was threatened, intimidated or stopped from entering the courtroom? What you're saying does not make sense.

The evidence is that Yaxleys actions do not come under the UK laws description of contempt of court. His actions did not threaten or intimidate the defendants of prosecuted from going to trial. You need to provide evidence they did. Other examples of mistrials would help, I cant find any caused by someone filming outside them?

There, very civil. Take your time.

Anonymous said...

Bonus question: you appear ok with someone being sentenced to death. Are you a Labour supporter?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,its anonymous here. I just want you all to know that I am trolling you all. I'm deliberately asking questions as politely as i can because when you reply with vitriol, call me a Tory/hard right fascist etc and reply that you want Robinson dead i take a screen cap and my friends and i have a good ol giggle over it. The issue being here is asking for evidence that Yaxleys actions could have caused contempt of court is entirely reasonable and also: none of you can prove it, hence your quiet insane but well recieved I assure you, responses. The fact that you all put up a sweary, internet hard man act just goes even further to prove you have no idea what you're talking about regarding a man who is quiet literally paid by foreign secret service outfit to sow discord. Maybe if you reply, have some self awareness and think it through. Or dont, it's all giggles for me and my mates. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

No shit you're trolling, anonymous. That can be seen from a fucking mile away. You're not as good at it as you seem to think. And no matter what evidence is posted, you will never accept it because that's just how you people are. The people you worship and idolise are gods among men who couldn't possibly do any wrong and anyone who says otherwise is insane and unreasonable. Just like poor old Stephen, it seems. No wonder you like him so much.

Go ahead and respond, my friend. But don't worry, take your time.

Anonymous said...

Very reasonably put sir. However, the big question of the day still stands: how does filming outside a court, cause contempt of court?

Please provide evidence, a detailed explanation or anything else. I'm all ears.

Anonymous said...

Bonus question here, Tommy Robinsons sentence is nine months, he was convicted by three judges. Never in the history of UK law has anyone receiving sentence over six months not had a jury preside of the sentence... do you guys think this is fair?

I think it sounds a bit sus.

Anonymous said...

Just a casual thought from this ol chunk of coal...

If Yaxley Lennon is such a risible character, would it not make sense to draw the spotlight off him and take away his ammunition by: launching a full investigation into the head Labour councillors who escaped any police, judicial or independent investigation despite presiding over towns and cities in a period where thousands of minors were drugged, trafficked and raped by grooming gangs?

Honest question from a simple man. Cheers guys, I'd appreciate your replies.

Anonymous said...

Follow up question (dont worry, your incapable of replying honestly or logically, say what you want), but the law put in place you so reasonably explained also prohibits information being shared by new outlets to the public. The Huddersfield Herald AND the BBC both did this.

No ones going to jail from those fine establishments *cough* Jimmy Saville *cough*.

Any coherent thoughts?

Also, in response to your flagrant insult: your mothers a cunt whore x x

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Anonymous said...

Love AAV but TR is massively misrepresented in the media, has had a hatchet job done on him by Panorama and has been treated unfairly by the legal system numerous times. He does have an aggressive in your face style but has been proved correct numerous times. For example, bigoted Muslim gangs abusing non-Muslims when, as WELL DOCUMENTED, the authorities silence was effectively collusion. Love him, hate him or bored by him he is a VERY brave man.

Anonymous said...

Just Googled "How does filming outside a court, cause contempt of court?" Plenty of results and the 1981 law on it makes sense.

You can donate to the Yaxley fund and ask for them have said law appealed, I'm sure they'll do it for you.


Anonymous said...

You got the "simple man" bit right. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Was the "God fearing man" Tommy "Two Toes" Robinson (formally known as Steven Lennon-Yaxley)? If so I call bullshit on this story.

Anonymous said...

Lol, oh dear. All insults and no substance. However, my working theory that Labour supporters and supporters of this page are absolutely fine with institutionalised pedophilia really does keep being reaffirmed. However, thank you for the reply good sir!

Anonymous said...

Really, then how do you explain both the BBC and Huddersfield Herald (who published the details of the case prior) as not facing prosecution. Similarly that would also mean ol Yaxley was merely repeating information that was already in the public domain (which is legal). Legal by direct referral to the same 1981 law?


Anonymous said...

No ,its an automated advert. Be a shame if Robinson died in prison.


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