Monday, 30 July 2018

The Tories are prioritising their own narrow party political interests over those of the British public (AGAIN)

The Tory government are actively conspiring to keep their "no deal" Brexit preparations secret from the British public in case people "shit themselves" and decide that the Tory party is so unfit to govern that they get locked out of power for a generation or more.

The original idea was for the government to release "reassuring" weekly briefings on how their "no deal" preparations are going, but after a massive public backlash against the idea of stockpiling food and medicines for when the UK government deliberately trashes cross border trade, the Tories have suddenly U-turned and decided to now continue their preparations for the self-inflicted "no deal" meltdown in secret.

How is it even remotely possible for these Tory Brextremists to continue pretending that they're carrying out the "will of the people" when they're actively hiding what they're doing from the people because they're afraid of the public reaction?

Then there's the fact that keeping their "no deal" preparations secret defeats their stated justification for making "no deal" threats the keystone of their toddler tantrum of a negotiating strategy. The pseudo-logic Brextremists used for making these "no deal" threats was that the EU would cave in to all of our demands out of fear of a "no deal" economic implosion, but if the Tories maintain a wall of secrecy around their "no deal" preparations rather than making them in the open, it would be easy for others to make the case that they're actually just bluffing.

By deciding to conduct their "no deal" preparations in secret the Tories are undermining their own ridiculous narrative in favour of making the "no deal" threats in the first place.

Then there's the part about keeping their "no deal" preparations secret because they're afraid of another General Election and getting locked out of power by a public perception that they're unfit to govern. If that isn't a glaring demonstration that the Tories are prioritising their own narrow party political interests above public interest, I honestly don't know what is.

The Tories are well aware that "no deal" would be an absolute disaster for the British public (their own impact assessments are absolutely clear that it would trigger a massive economic crisis), and now they've realised that publicising their makeshift plans to deal with the chaos they're planning to inflict on the nation is simply increasing public awareness of how bad a "no deal" flounce out of the EU would actually be (for everyone except the Brextremist disaster-capitalists who are actively planning to trash the nation's economy in order to pick up £billions worth of distressed British assets on the cheap, like vultures stripping the flesh off a corpse).

As cynical and self-serving as this latest move from the Tories is, at least it will be interesting watching the rank and file Brexiters putting on absurdly demeaning displays of mental gymnastics to try to explain how their Tory lords and masters are absolutely right to keep the general public in the dark about their preparations for the "no deal" Brexit catastrophe that they're actively planning to inflict on the British people.

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