Monday 30 October 2017

The Tory party systematically blackmail their depraved MPs into subservience

Theresa May's former Communications Director Kate Perrior has made an explosive allegation that instead of punishing the misconduct of Tory MPs, the Tory whips use knowledge of incidents like degenerate behaviour and sexual harassment to blackmail MPs into toeing the party line.

Here's exactly what she told BBC Breakfast:
"The information is held by the whips, because they use it to make sure that MPs know that other people within the party know exactly what they’ve been up to, and that behaviour either is not acceptable, or it will be used against them – you will vote in a certain way or we will tell your wife exactly what you’ve been up to."
The internal Tory party dossier of 36 sex pest Tory MPs demonstrates that at least 11% of the entire party have been compromised by their scandalous behaviour, and must be susceptible to the system of blackmail operated by the party whips. But this is probably only the tip of the iceberg.

Once you factor in other things that politicians might want to keep from their families or out of the public domain (alcoholism, extra-marital affairs, pornography habits, bigotry, drug dependency, use of prostitutes, fraudulent or criminal behaviour ...) you have to wonder how much dirt the Tory whips hold on other Tory MPs, and how many of their MPs are being blackmailed into subservient loyalty to whatever Tory HQ dictates, no matter how much it conflicts with their principles (if they have any) or with the best interests of their constituents.

The remarkable thing about this internal Tory system of blackmailing their MPs into doing as they're told, is that it clearly gives the Tory party a huge incentive to actually pick sexual miscreants, alcoholics, perverts, philanderers, drug dependants, misogynists and the like as Tory candidates, so that they can be more easily blackmailed by the party whips.

Why would they pick clean candidates who might eventually rebel against the party line at some point, when they could pick a sexual miscreant, addict, bigot or philanderer who can easily be blackmailed into absolute subservience by the party whips?

Additionally this system of internal party blackmail obviously creates a toxic environment where the party has no incentive to combat or control the degenerate behaviour of their MPs, because the more depraved and hedonistic the atmosphere Tory MPs exist in, the more dirt the whips can dig up in order to blackmail them with.

Why on earth would the Tory party ensure that Tory MPs who are struggling with addiction get help, or women in parliament are safe from sexual harassment if they can use knowledge of these problems to blackmail them into unquestioning subservience?

Given the system of blackmail the Tories operate against their own MPs, it any wonder that the Tory party is so full of self-serving, sexually depraved, expenses-scamming, out-of-touch drug and alcohol addled degenerates who regularly vote in favour of unjustifiably disgusting policies? 

Now that such a firm accusation that the Tory party are abusing the party whip system by using the misconduct and misbehaviour of Tory MPs to blackmail them into unquestioning loyalty to party HQ, it's surely about time to begin considering reform of the party whip system if it can be abused so easily.

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