Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Anyone But Corbyn tantrums

In an attempt to defend the indefensible the former Labour Party Home Secretary Alan Johnson wrote a woeful article in the Guardian trying to defend the double standard of allowing the unelected Labour peer David Sainsbury to get away with donating over £2 million to the Lib-Dems whilst the party simultaneously purges huge numbers of ordinary members for the "crime" of posting social media comments in support of other political parties before they even became Labour Party members.

Johnson deviously decided to completely evade the central issues of Labour Party vote-rigging and the brazen double-standards between party elites and ordinary members. Instead he made the crux of his argument that Sainsbury deserves to be let off the hook for funding a rival political party that "At least he really tried to stop Brexit", which is clearly reiteration of the tired "Blame Corbyn for Brexit" trope.

Efforts to blame Jeremy Corbyn for Brexit are pathetic enough in their own right, but when it comes from a guy who led an almost invisible Labour remain campaign, it really does take the biscuit.

There's no excuse for holding ordinary party members to a much higher standard of behaviour than party elites (which is what everyone talking about the Sainsbury donation to the Lib-Dems is complaining about), and there's no excuse for casting blame onto others and ignoring your own culpability.

If the Labour Party is busy purging ordinary members for the "crime" of supporting other parties before they even became Labour members, there is no excuse for not purging Labour members who actively supported another political party while they actually were Labour members.

To look at it from the other direction, if they're letting someone off for financially supporting another political party while they were an actual Labour Party member, they can't possibly justify purging people for having posted social media comments supporting other political parties a long time before they even joined Labour.

Only someone who has completely abandoned reason could attempt to argue for a double-standard where the party elites are subject to a completely different set of rules to the party membership, and make the crux of their argument the passing off of blame for their own failures onto someone else.

If Alan Johnson was capable of even the remotest level of introspection, he would be deeply ashamed of his behaviour, his double standards, his deliberately evasive argument and his embarrassing blame-passing conclusion, but he clearly isn't. He's so consumed by terror that Jeremy Corbyn is going to democratise the Labour Party and make the situation untenable for party elitists who don't want to be made accountable to the ordinary party membership that he's having an adult tantrum.

Anyone who has dealt with children's tantrums knows how they lose all sense of self-awareness and their rational thinking skills completely dissipate until the point at which they calm down and stop screaming. Toddlers having tantrums shout all kinds of incoherent nonsense, they put on incredible displays of stubbornness, their patterns of behaviour become illogical and self-defeating and during the tantrum they remain completely unaware of what their spate of uncontrolled behaviour looks like to other people.

The lack of self-awareness, the self-defeating actions, the stubbornness and the completely illogical nonsense and insult laden diatribes spouted by Anyone But Corbyn people like Alan Johnson, Tom Blenkinsop, Michael FosterAlex Andreou, Ian Austin, Tristram Hunt, Angela Eagle, the Labour MPs making anonymous threats in the press, JK Rowling and the like appear to be the symptoms of adult tantrums.

The polling on the Labour leadership shows that despite the concerted efforts by the party elite to purge as many Corbyn supporters as possible (often on the most tenuous or hypocritical grounds) Corbyn is still looking set for a huge landslide victory.

The vote-rigging efforts from the terrified Labour Party elitists are such a blatant display of self-defeating behaviour (the more they try to rig the vote the more they make themselves look like an out-of-touch bunch of elitists with absolute contempt for ordinary people) it's like a toddler furiously scribbling crayon all over their bedroom wall because their mummy said no ice cream for pudding. 

Not only does the crayon scribbling make the prospect of ice cream significantly less likely, it's also likely to incur punishment of its own.

Pretty much everyone can see that the concerted anti-democratic vote rigging effort of the Labour Party elitists is self-defeating behaviour except the Anyone But Corbyn camp who are so locked into their stubborn, self-awareness lacking tantrums that they've deluded themselves into thinking that their furious crayon scribbling episode isn't going to backfire.

Alan Johnson and various other members of the Anyone But Corbyn camp are blind furious that they're not getting their own way, and like toddlers they're reacting by trying to scream the house down.

The problem with this tantrum analogy is that most toddlers eventually calm down and get over their screaming fits, but many of the Anyone But Corbyn coup supporters are so belligerent that they're clearly going to continue trying to scream the house down indefinitely because they're not willing to accept that they're not going to get their own way.

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