Friday 9 September 2016

Why are the Anyone But Corbyn mob celebrating a Labour by-election loss in Sheffield?

I've pointed out the bizarrely divisive habit of Anyone But Corbyn Labour Party people wildly celebrating every Labour by-election loss on Twitter several times before, but the spate of celebrations over Labour's loss to the Lib-Dems in the Mosborough Ward in Sheffield on Thursday September 8th really does take the biscuit.

In all of the gloating and celebration over this Labour Party loss from Anti-Corbyn Labour members, one of the crucial facts they all *forgot* to mention is that the Labour candidate Julie Grocutt was staunchly anti-Corbyn. She refused to include the party leader on her campaign leaflets, repeatedly spread anti-Corbyn propaganda on Twitter (
that she has subsequently hidden by deleting her account) and openly admitted that she went around the ward having chit chats with people about how terrible the Labour Party leader is (before she deleted her Twitter account)!

Another thing the Anyone But Corbyn camp failed to mention is that the Lib-Dem candidate Gail Smith was a popular former councillor who was seeking a return to local government after she was one of the many thousands of Lib-Dems in local government to suffer the furious public backlash against Nick Clegg's appalling collusion with the Tories during the Coalition government years.

Another thing these blinkered anti-Corbyn ranters routinely failed to mention in their gloating was that the Labour candidate didn't even live in the ward and the Lib-Dem candidate did. This is probably a bigger issue than all of the other stuff added together because as the local journalist Chris Burn pointed out, it's "not unreasonable for people to vote for a local councillor who actually lives locally".

Yet another thing that anti-Corbyn ranters *forgot* to mention was that the turnout was an appallingly low 28%. It's absolutely clear that the Labour vote in the ward stayed at home. Could this poor Labour turnout have anything to do with the Labour candidate being a supporter of the Anyone But Corbyn coup who also happens to lives 16 miles away in Stocksbridge on the other side of the city?

Of course not the ABC lot will say. "it's all Jeremy Corbyn's fault"!

Just a few weeks after Jeremy Corbyn secured a huge turnout at a rally in Sheffield, the Labour candidate took the electorally dubious decision to run an anti-Corbyn campaign that saw the Labour Party percentage of the vote in the ward slump by 9.2% which allowed the Lib-Dem candidate to storm past Labour to victory. But instead of admit that her divisive anti-Corbyn views ensured the low Labour turnout that cost her the election, Grocutt actually had the brass neck to try to blame Corbyn for the loss!

Grocutt was far from the only person from the Anyone But Corbyn camp to try to use her by-election loss as ammunition against Corbyn. The shadowy "Saving Labour" lot (where exactly does all of their funding come from?) took to gloating about it; The Daily Mirror once again exposed their glaring anti-Corbyn bias by painting the loss as a disaster for Corbyn without even bothering to mention the staunchly anti-Corbyn views of the candidate; and savagely Anti-Corbyn Labour MPs like Ian AustinWes Streeting and Tom Blenkinsop took to Twitter bragging about how the defeat of their fellow anti-Corbyn coup-supporter is somehow a massive blow for Corbyn!

Even Owen Smith's floundering leadership campaign got in on the act by trying to blame Corbyn supporters for the loss as if they should have all rallied around and actually helped a divisive anti-Corbyn candidate into local government! Maybe if Grocutt wanted even more help from Momentum activists than the help she got, perhaps she should have considered supporting him rather than repeatedly slagging him off on Twitter? Or at the very least toning down the anti-Corbyn rhetoric a bit and expressing a desire to work with whoever becomes party leader on September 24th?

The Anyone But Corbyn habit of using the post-coup Labour Party poll slump that they caused with their ridiculous ill-timed, ineptly executed and woefully failing putsch attempt is bad enough, but actively gloating over an anti-Corbyn local election candidate handing the Lib-Dems a shock by-election steal is even worse.

The gleeful Twitter celebrations from the Anyone But Corbyn camp every time Labour lose a by-election are outrageous enough in their own right (especially considering some of the utterly trivial things Corbyn supporters have been purged from the party for), but using the abject failure of one of their fellow divisive anti-Corbyn coup-plot supporter in order to paint Corbyn as "unelectable" really is unbelievably egregious stuff.

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