Monday 21 October 2013

Ed Davey's disappearing press release

In October 2013 the coalition government signed up to a ludicrous multi-billion pound price-fixing deal with a consortium led by the French state owned power company EdF, in return for their construction of a new nuclear facility at Hinkley Point C in Somerset. 

For full analysis of this ludicrous price-fixing deal check out this article:

12 Things You Should Know About ... The Nuclear Industry Price-Fixing Subsidies

One of the 12 points in the above linked article was a demonstration that the Liberal Democrat energy minister Ed Davey had performed a quite remarkable U-turn in order to support this absurd price-fixing scheme with comments like: 

"A new generation of nuclear power stations will cost taxpayers and customers tens of billions of pounds"
"This is an excellent deal for Britain and British consumers ... It will increase energy security and resilience from a safe, reliable, home-grown source of electricity"
I posted a link to an old Ed Davey press release from 2006 called "Say No To Nuclear" in which he claimed that:
"In addition to posing safety and environmental risks, nuclear power will only be possible with vast taxpayer subsidies or a rigged market"
The press release had sat there on his website for seven long years, but as soon as I started directing a bit of traffic towards it, it suddenly disappeared! What a coincidence eh? It's almost as if Ed Davey was so embarrassed at having his appalling hypocrisy exposed that he deleted it to stop people from seeing!

But since such a transparent effort to hide the truth conflicts so badly with the Coalition government's commitment to transparency and accountability, we must assume that there's been some sort of mistake.

It's a good job for Ed Davey that I had the foresight to take a screenshot of his press release and to make sure that it was listed on the Wayback Machine, just in case something should ever accidentally happen to it, and that I'm more than happy to share it around for him, considering he seems to be having such technical difficulties with his own website.

Please help Ed Davey out by sharing this content as much as you can. I'm sure he'd be more than grateful for your help in spreading this important Liberal Democrat message that has accidentally been deleted from his website.

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