Wednesday 1 August 2012

Aidan Burley, unpartiotic tweets and Nazi themed stag parties

Aidan Burley (right) with his Nazi sympathising friends
at the December 2011 SS themed stag do in France.
Tory MP Aidan Burley was roundly condemned for dismissing the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics as "leftie multicultural crap" on Twitter.

Despite my opinion that the Olympics is a vast waste of money that the UK can hardly afford, I found the opening ceremony to be an entertainingly idiosyncratic up until the point the odious Seb Coe made his sycophantic opening speech. 

One can imagine the aspects of the ceremony that attracted Aidan Burley's ire; the non-white youngsters kissing, the tribute to the NHS, the disabled children singing, the tribute to thousands of industrial workers and the fact that one of the dancers portraying Victorian era industrialists was a black man.

Burley's tweet attracted an immediate storm of criticism on Twitter which quickly moved into the mainstream press, leaving Tory leader David Cameron little choice but to describe Burley's choice of words as idiotic. This is not the first time Burley has caused embarrassment to Tory high command, in December 2011 he attended a Nazi themed stag party in France where participants dressed as members of the SS, chanted the names of genocidal maniacs like Eichmann and Himmler and proposed toasts "to the ideology and thought process of the Third Reich". 

Given the shocking history of Nazi-sympathising and anti-semitism within the Tory party during the 1930s, one would have thought that any sane Tory MP would steer well clear of Nazi themed parties out of a fear that people might be motivated to dredge up the Right Club; a secretive element of the Tory party during the inter-war years that made strenuous efforts to rid the Tory party of Jews and Jewish influence.

Sticking with the 1930s theme, just as the the Tory party have a shameful history of Nazi sympathising, the Olympic movement also has a history of involvement with the Nazi ideology. With hindsight the decision to allow Nazi Germany to host the 1936 Olympics was utterly dreadful, however several of the most familiar and iconic elements of modern Olympic tradition were actually initiated at the Nazi Olympics. The primacy of the Olympic rings symbol and the journey of the Olympic flame from Greece to the host city were both established at the 1936 Nazi Olympics.

Given the fact that Burley found the British Olympic opening ceremony distasteful but was quite happy to sit through a Nazi themed stag party without complaining or leaving, one can assume that he would have preferred to see an Olympic opening ceremony based on the themes of racial purity, ethnic cleansing, state brutality, anti-semitism, eugenics and the vilification of dissident "lefties" such as unionised industrial workers and NHS staff.

One can only wonder at what could be going on in the mind of a man that hates the NHS and immigrants with such a passion yet holds no objection to the glorification of the Third Reich in a formerly occupied nation. Whatever his thought processes, his words and actions over the last year are indicative of the calibre of person the Tory party sees as suitable candidates to represent them in Parliament. 

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