Tuesday 15 May 2012

Angela Merkel, dead woman walking

As one of the most visible champions of the Pan-European ,
"austerity" project, Angela Merkel is in the dangerous position 
of being democratically accountable to the German electorate.
As one of the most visible champions of the catastrophic Pan-European "austerity" project, German President Angela Merkel is a dead woman walking. Her main problem being that she is answerable to the German electorate. Unlike most of the other "austerity lovers" that have been wreaking their ideologically driven chaos across the continent, she is the dangerous position of being democratically accountable.

Merkel's main (democratically accountable) ally in "austerity economics" Nicolas Sarkozy became the first sitting French President to get booted out by the French electorate since Valéry Giscard d'Estaing in 1981. At the front line of "austerity economics" in Greece the pro-austerity parties suffered heavy losses in the legislative elections. Then one week later Merkel's own CDU party took a kicking at the North Rhine-Westphalia regional elections, leaving them with an all time low of 26.3% of the vote, an indicator that the German electorate are rapidly tiring of Merkel taking a highly visible role in imposing "German austerity" onto much of the rest of Europe.

Merkel may be the next figurehead of the "austerity lovers" to be turfed out by their electorate, however many other culprits in this European economic meltdown are completely insulated from the "dangers of democracy" by being completely unelected. Some of the most notable of these unelected "austerians" include Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank (who recently handed out over €1trillion in ultra low interest loans to save the neoliberalised European financial sector from the consequences of their own reckless and incompetent gambling), the entire European Commission including "our" Euro President Mr Van Rumpuoy and the IMF blackmail fund technocrats.

Nigel Farage may be a bombastic right-wing tool, but he is absolutely right when he complains that almost all of the architects of this European economic meltdown are unaccountable, unelected enemies of democracy.

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