Friday 19 August 2011

A simple pictoral guide to British politics

Neoliberal Blue.

Neoliberal Red.

Neoliberal Yellow

They are all neoliberals, do not vote for them*
* - unless you are one of the tiny uber-rich economic minority that neoliberal politicians are programmed to serve.

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mittfh said...

Sadly, in their quest to reach out to as much of the UK as possible, all three parties appear to be converging on similar territory - the upper right quadrant of the Political Compass. The public sector, state schools, the NHS, immigrants, those on benefits = bad. The private sector, independent schools, private health provision, native employees, millionaires = good.

Until the last election it was assumed there was a chasm between the Lib Dems and the Tories. Well, evidently the chasm was just a stride wide given they're now governing jointly.

Unfortunately, they don't have any significant degree of competition. UKIP's a joke, and Independent candidates only work when the incumbent politician has really riled the local populace. Even then, the "mainstream" candidates will spend vast amounts of time and resources trying to court the local populace so the Independent candidate can be booted at the next election.